For Whom the Bell Tolls (Season 1)

GOD! Who is the girl who falls n is quasi beaten down? In the promo? Hope not Spencer. But if it IS.. I hope/wish   toby would come to HELP HER OUT! SO much suspense! I cant wait for ... like another WEEK!

P.S: Why does everything bad happenes to Spencer? Why cant Aria be beaten down? Who knws whats in the head of that Cute CHICK :P ;)


And i hope he doesnt gets framed!!!!! AGAIn!


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Damon has done some really stupid things

Who cares? I We love him. And well, he did feel gulty of what he did [ well, atleast it was related to it] Somethimes u dont care what u do to the person who wants to kill him. I mean if damon dint kill him, Mason would have. Plus, Damon knows what he did. Well, i think Mason would have died anyway... Or he would have killed Damon.

YES! Damon never thinks about anything... if he did He would have not been the DAMON we loved. 

If he was the always-right-Damon would he not be with Elena by now... let Damon be.. Damon :P

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Is Stefan still in love with Katherine????

Whatever! I want stefan to go after any girl Caroline or Kathrine. I want Damon to be with Elena!! Argh!

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Lets see.. there might be some othere scence. Cuz it says SEASON 2

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Most Annoying Character?

Mmmm.. got to be Bonnie. I dont see any fun in her... she is the old good bonnie...!! :(

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Exec Kevin Williamson: "Delena Will Happen This Season!"

I want them ro get together.... SO BADLY! :D

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