izzie must come back

That's reality, cancer is nasty and it doesn't choose who gets it or not everybody is born with the risk of cancer and once it has been discovered or treated you run the risk of a secondary cancer.

Here in Australia 2 famous women have died from a secondary cancer, I won't mention these ladies names out of respect but both ladies had breast cancer which was cut out after chemo treatment both ladies discovered they had a secondary cancer which killed them.

So it might sound rude, but it's life and it does happen.

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Will there be a Season 8?

I hope there will be more than 8 seasons, I want to be hopeful and see Grey's Anatomy run longer then ER.

ER ran for 15 years, let's see Grey's Anatomy run for 16 - 20 years.

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izzie must come back

No more Izzie, I love Season 7 with no George and Izzie. We get to see Cristina trying to cope with PTSD, we see more Derek and Meredith. Izzie just complains and whines too much.

Grey's is doing fine without her.

Alex should receive a phone call from Izzie's mum letting him know, he is a widower, that Izzie found she had secondary cancer that spread to her breast and ovaries and she past away before they could start cutting it out.

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Season 6 on DVD (Episodes)

Has anyone even bought a copy of Season 6. If not get a copy, I now have all 6 season's on DVD.

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Season 6 on DVD (Episodes)

I can't belive no one has Season 6 on DVD. All I can say grab a copy. It's the best thing I spent my money on.

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Season 6 on DVD (Episodes)

Have you got your copy of Season 6 on DVD.


Just watched the extended finale episode. One word - WOW.

If you haven't seen it watch it, it really explains some of Season Seven's premiere stuff, like Lexie's meltdown and how Mark is looking out for her. And Bailey finds the now deceased Reed to tell her what Charles told her, that was very moving.

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PASS THE TISSUE!!! Best tear jerking scenes. (Fan Fiction)

I cried with Bailey when Charles Percy died, I cried when George as John Doe spells out 007 in Meredith's hand then she gives that gasp of recogition, then runs out it's George, John Doe is George.

I cried with Derek when Meredith drowned. Cried for Meredith when her father slaps her across the face after Susan died.

Not so much crying but very proud of Richard Webber for pouring out the vodka Gary Clark offered to him, I was screaming don't do it at the tv.

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No Seriously...how obsessed are you with Grey's Anatomy

Yeah I agree with MerDer4EveR except I maked my diary. All my favourite shows are back the same week, Bones, Castle, Dexter, House, Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice.

And except for Castle and Dexter I have the rest on DVD, just watched season 6 again to keep it nice and fresh when it's back next week.

Looking forward to catching up, Derek, Cristina and Owen, Lexie, Meredith, Callie and Arizona. I keep a mental countdown. So by my count Grey's Anatomy is back in 9 days.

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grey's anatomy episodes (Episodes)

Hello Grey's Anatomy <3

I use the following website and sorry they are torrents, but I live in Australia and that's how I watch this series.


I love this site because

1) it gives you the option to download

2) you can have a long list of favourite tv shows, you can even archive really old ones that have since left our screens.

If you don't like that you could do a google search.

I haven't done a search for the complete series because that would be a few gigabytes of data (just checked my folder and it's a 8.20gb for 24 episodes), I downloaded one episode a week so it didn't chew up all my alloted downloads.


Or you have the last option of waiting til it comes out on DVD.

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O.B resident! (Spoilers)

Maybe Meredith has a follow up exam after the miscarriage to make sure everything is ok, or maybe it's one of the other girls going in for a check up, we all need our 2 yearly pap smear.

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