Mandy Moore to return to Seattle Grace? (Spoilers)

Can't wait to see how Mary is coping after surviving her ordeal, especially having to pretend to be dead then watching Bailey fall apart when she knew she could save Charles Percy. Maybe she comes back to get her operation and lose her colostomy bag.

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7.02 Shock to the system (Spoilers)

All theories sound good, but with Derek acting the way he is I guess Meredith calls Carolyn Shepherd and Amelia Shepherd because Amelia is to make an appearance in episode 3 of this seasons Grey's Anatomy, hopefully Amelia will snap Derek out of his dangerous behaviour, give him some home truths maybe after their father was murdered in front of them when they were kids. I'm looking forward to the family reunion between the Shepherd siblings.

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Grey's to end with Season 7? (Spoilers)

Grey's Anatomy has at least another 2 seasons, and even if Ellen Pompeo who plays Meredith leaves the show, they have Chyler Leigh who plays Lexie to fill in the Grey shoes she has a few years to go in her residency before she will be an attending surgeon. By that time they could revamp the show and it could go on for a few more seasons without Patrick and Ellen as the leads.

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Predictions for the Season 7 (Spoilers)

Ferternal twins are great, I have a set, my daughter is 2 minutes older then her twin brother.

Even though Mer miscarried she could have miscarried one baby, she could have been pregnant with twins. I have heard stories how a mother had a miscarriage only to find out later that she is still pregnant. Let's hope that happens to Meredith.

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what is the best episode you saw in Grey's Anatomy ?!

Hard Day's Night and Elevator Love Letter, one is when we met Meredith and Derek, and the other is Derek proposing to Meredith.

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Who's going thru withdrawl already??

My withdrawal started watching Grey's from episode 1, then I decided to watch a rival tv show altogether, it's a medical drama simply spelt with two letters E and R, not as good as my Grey's but it'll do til September.

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Five favourite characters

Absolute favourite is Meredith, loved her from episode one, then McDreamy - why gosh it's the hair no those sexy eyes, then again it' his smile, Patrick Dempsey all over. Lexie just because, also love Mark. And after all those I absolutely love Bailey she's the bomb.

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Predictions for the Season 7 (Spoilers)

Let's meet more family

Miranda's mother

Meredith's say when Auntie

Derek's yet to be named sister

Mark's father via internet hook-up (dad's inmobile)

Alex's sister Amber in Season 8 she'd be 19 then

Have returning patients

Viper from Season One, Bex from Season Two

Let's have Meredith and Derek throw a house warming party and invite all there hospital friends, out to the woods to see their new home.


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Predictions for the Season 7 (Spoilers)

It will be interesting to see if they put Jackson Avery and April Kepner as part of the fab 5, it'll be Meredith, Alex, Cristina, Jackson and April, are Jackson and April 4th year residents or are they 3rd year, just above Lexie, Steve, Megan and Graciella.

If they are bringing these two on board as series regulars are we going to see new interns? No new interns were introduced when Lexie and her class were made residents, Lexie should be a 2nd year resident by now and her class should be given new interns to torture. 

Was Miranda Bailey a 3rd or 4th year resident when she got her interns? She became Chief Resident during season 4, and became an attending surgeon during the premiere of season 6, she had light blue scrubs on in the first episode and then in the second episode she was wearing the navy blue of an attending and telling Yang off, on how to speak to an attending and kicked Yang off her service.

I just hope Season 7 starts right where Season 6 ended, Meredith walking into Derek's room, just after Cristina goes to the locker room looking for her.

I have a vision: Simply put as follows:-) Please don't give Derek amnesia

On waking from surgery Derek asks for his wife and in walks Meredith and it's like "who are you?", Meredith looks to Cristina, Cristina answers him "this is your wife", Derek's "no I never saw her in my life" which devastates Meredith, Cristina then asks Derek "tell me your wife's name, and I'll go contact her for you" Derek's reply is "Addison, my wife's name is Addison". Meredith runs from the room in tears, she goes to the nurses station to phone Addison, Addison jumps on the next available plane up to Seattle and she sits next to Derek and when he wakes up for the second time, he asks "Addison what happened and why is she there we are divorced I want Meredith", Addison sighs "thank goodness for that you had us all worried, you were asking everybody for your wife and you asked for me", Derek's "why we're divorced, where's Meredith I want Meredith", the nurses call Meredith and she goes back into see Derek. Cristina explains the mind works like that sometimes, because of the shock of the shooting Derek had temporary amnesia which with some rest and seeing his reality in Addison showing up he just needed more time to rest.

Meredith's "Don't scare me like that"

Can't wait all this speculating, just hoping and wishing, Season 7 will be a cracker.

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Season 7



You need to read my comment again, I said it will be wishful thinking, I don't think Katherine Heigl will be back, me personally I want Izzie recast have another actress play Izzie, because Katherine wanted out of her contract. I never said I wanted Katherine Heigl back, she can stay with her movies, and I also said if Shonda Rhimes and ABC were to give Ms Heigl another chance they should write a clause stating that she must be dedicated to Grey's Anatomy only and not go off and do more movies, if she can't do that, give Izzie to another actress.

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