george & izzy back (Site Suggestion)

I love thinking Izzie has skin cancer Stage 4 Matestatic Melanoma, she could have cancer cut out of her face, because Katherine Heigl wanted out of her contract, she won't be back as Izzie, so because of her kind of cancer and because she had cancer cut out of her face, she need radical plastic surgery to fix the scarring and as such they could introduce a new actress to play Izzie Stevens, she will need to be as tall as Katherine. It's plausible Izzie has been gone from our screens for a long time now, well actually half of Season 6.

And yes I think if T.R Knight wanted back on the show, they could write the story line that, he went home to tell his mom he enlisted in the army, but when he got there no one was home, unknown to George is the fact that someone was hit by a bus and they were identified as George. George goes off to Iraq to be a Trauma Surgeon, he serves his what 2 years, and comes back only to discover, his family and closet friends all thought he was dead. Everyone asks George why he didn't write, his reply, I was too busy, why didn't any of you, well derr, we thought you were dead man.

It could happen, but I doubt T.R Knight or Katherine Heigl will go back, did you go back to a job you didn't want to do anymore. It's a story to us, it's only a job for them, and as actors they want to try new things. I have worked in the same place for 12 years, I have seen people come back yes but they soon leave again.


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Grey's to end with Season 7? (Spoilers)

Season 7 will be back September 2010, with speculation that the series will end after Season 8, if Ellen Pompeo doesn't wish to renew her contract. After 8 years of playing the same character Ellen may want a change, let Meredith go on a holiday, then let her come back when she's ready.

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The lecture episode (Episodes)

The episode is called 'Time Warp'. I too loved that episode when it first played, I feel they should do some more flashback - lecture based episodes because SGMW Hospital is a teaching hospital.

They only did one M & M in the whole 6 seasons of the show, one M & M after Denny Duquette died, they should of done more M & M's over the years, doctor's are suppose to learn from there mistakes.

I loved Bailey as Mandy, young Richard and Ellis, Callie interacting with Karev.

Yeah more lecture based episodes, we could see Derek, Addison, Noami, Sam and Mark as young interns. Derek and Addison were interns under Dr Richard Webber, Webber taught both of them, Derek tells us in Season One and Addison tells us about Richard Webber teaching her a tough lesson during her internship and she thinks she needs to do the same with Izzie Stevens, that was with the quintulets, one of the babies die.

More Richard and Ellis and their affair, have a young Adele come into the hospital looking for Richard, older Adele mentioned to Meredith she saw her growing up, let's see that.

Let's see Dr Margaret Campbell, she was played by Faye Dunaway, she was a pioneer like Ellis Grey, Margaret Campbell worked with Ellis, we should see them when they were younger, cast a young Faye Dunaway look-a-like.

Some hate the flashback episodes, but if we look at them as lecture based episodes, I think more people will like them, there is so much they can do with this type of episode.

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Season 7

I have been thinking about nothing else but what may or may not happen in season 7, these are my predictions I posted in another discussion.

I am looking forward to Season 7, so much happened in Season 6, but I believe Season 7 will be even better.

Does Dr Webber become chief while Derek is laid up in bed recovering from his gunshot wound? Do we see Derek and Meredith move out to the woods? Does that mean Lexie gets Meredith's house? Cristina and Owen make up, do they move in together? Lexie realizes Alex doesn't love her and she ends it with him? Mark starts persuing Lexie in a big way now that she is single again? Now that Owen has chosen Cristina. Can Owen and Teddy remain friends? Bailey and Ben how does there relationship progress? When will we see another crossover? Do we see Amelia and Carolyn Shepherd in episode 3 of Season 7, when they come to Seattle to visit Derek and make sure he is fine? Does Derek become Head of Neurology again? once he recovers, or is he still Chief of Surgery? Well I managed to think of at least 11 things that could be answered in Season 7. Do we see a double wedding with Meredith and Lexie as the brides and McDreamy and McSteamy as the grooms?Oops that's 12 things. And I haven't made any mention of Jackson Avery or April Kepner.


Other things I wouldn't mind seeing.

Meet Miranda Bailey's mum and nieces, cousins - All mentioned in 6.10 Holidaze. Meet Derek's sister's Kathleen and the yet to be named sister. More clinic - there's a free clinic - you only see the clinic if Izzie's there that shouldn't be right. Let's see returning patients. The girl who was born with boy parts, have him come back for his sexual re-assignment surgery. I think it was in Season 2, George O'Malley was talking to Bex's and the parents didn't want there daughter to know she had a testicle where her ovary was suppose to be. If Shonda is going to do more flashbacks, I would like to see Derek, Addison, Mark, Noami and Sam as Interns all under Richard Webber. More Mandy Bailey and Dr Baylow. Meet Meredith's Aunt. Season One Meredith mentions an Aunt who said tell me when, everytime she poured her a drink. Say when.

Is there anything else you think may happen in Season 7 or would like to see happen in Season 7 or maybe Season 8.

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Season Six : What did you think? (Episodes)

There is a Season 7 it won't be back on screen til September 2010.

Some of us are now speculating on what we would like to see happen during season 7.

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george & izzy back (Site Suggestion)

True, my daughter and I just discussed that very topic. The writer's could write that George O'Malley made it home to see his mom, but she wasn't there, so George heads to the base and gets shipped to Iraq ASAP, he is still there working saving lives, they could write George back in, George would have to go to court to get his death record reversed, they would need to try and work out who John Doe really was, Callie could have been mistaken about the freckle, Callie shouldn't have gone in to identify George one of the other doctor's should of done it. And the message John Doe was trying to write was his name. All plausible.

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Are there any spoilers yet? (Spoilers)

Here's a thought, just hoping the house in the woods that Derek is building is bear proof and it's highset. Remember the grizzly bear scaring both Alex and Izzie in season 6, I laughed when Alex screamed like a girl and Izzie wouldn't believe him, she said you sure it wasn't a deer. Because if Derek and Meredith a serious in having babies, they would want the property to be bear proof.

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george & izzy back (Site Suggestion)


They can't bring George back he's dead and the actor who played George T.R Knight wanted out of his contract, so I don't think T.R Knight would come back to play a ghost.

If Katherine Heigl decided to come back fine, but I doubt she will, she wanted out of her contract so she could spend time with her family and do movies. Izzie would have a lot of bridges to mend if she comes back.

There's plenty of room to introduce new characters, see Meredith, Cristina and Alex all become 4th year residents, see new interns, Season 8 will see Meredith, Cristina and Alex all 5th year residents, all apply for there chosen fellowships and run for Chief Resident, just like Callie and Miranda. Callie and Miranda are attendings now, who is the current Chief Resident, let's see Dr Sydney Herron doing the role of Chief Resident, she really annoys the residents, it would be great to watch her be there boss.

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Are there any spoilers yet? (Spoilers)

We will see the house in the woods, Derek said in episode 22 he broke ground - started building - laying the foundation when he was made Chief of Surgery. The house should be almost ready to move in.

I want to see Season 7 start in the aftermath of the shooting, Meredith walking into Derek's room, just after he wakes up from his operation. Richard Webber is acting Chief of Surgery while Derek is recovering. No funeral, just a memorial service in the lobby with a plaque with the names of those who died and those that were wounded.

I want to see Mark acting like a teenager to try and win Lexie back.

If Izzie comes back, she has been gone for so long now, that another actress could be recast as Izzie and because Izzie has skin cancer, she had some spots removed from her face, which needed reconstruction surgery, this will explain the new face, and because she has a new face Izzie wants to be known as Isobel or Bel, she has a magazine article written about her how she did modelling to pay her way through med school, and the article goes on to explain how she is living with cancer and how the cancer changed her face. And Bel comes to work at SGMW hospital and makes friends with the old gang, Derek asks Meredith if she's seen Stevens, she was suppose to report to him 2 days ago, Meredith's no I haven't seen her, then Bel walks up to Derek and says to him, you want to tell her or do you want me too. Derek is like you can, Bel grabs Meredith's shoulders, she tells her to look in her eyes and plainly states it's me Izzie, Meredith squints at her shaking her head, and Bel is saying I'm not Izzie anymore, I have changed, I did a lot of soul searching while I was gone and I'm Bel now. Meredith snaps and starts hitting Bel, you have surgery, you relaps and you don't phone us, you don't let us know whats happening, and Bel's like well after what I said, you were not my family you were people I worked with you wouldn't forgive me. Meredith hits Bel one last time then gives her a big hug, Cristina comes up and sees Meredith hugging Bel, and Cristina is what happened and Bel's it's me Cristina, Izzie and Cristina repeats what Meredith did, then they all have a big group hug.

We'll have a crossover with Private Practice, Amelia and Carolyn Shepherd come to Seattle to visit Derek, after the shooting.


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SPOILERS Season 6 Finale Sides:) (Spoilers)

Well none of that happened in the finale. Ruby was a patient, no bus accident, but she does need her appendix taken out, and the intern was Lexie not Steve. Nurse Vivian was shot, no patient shuffling out.  Pete was in a rear-ender and got out of his car but got shot not stabbed. The waitress was with Dr Webber in the coffee shop, she makes reference to Webber's AA chip. Shelley is Pete's wife and the Doctor's were Teddy Altman and Owen Hunt, the nurse was Tyler. Dr Webber approaches Officer Marty there was  no jumper, there was a shooter lose in the hospital and SWAT is on the way.

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