When Is Dr. Preston Burke Returning??? (Site Suggestion)

I have some interesting trivia for you, Paul Adelstein  who plays Cooper Freedman in Private Practice was orginally cast as Dr Preston Burke, but Paul was busy with other things and couldn't play Burke at the time. Honestly Isaiah Washington played Burke brilliantly. As long as Dr Teddy Altman is an attending Cardiothorasic surgeon, they don't need Burke competing with Teddy and Cristina.


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Time Warp; What did you all think? (Episodes)

Just loved this first flashback episode, young Mandy Bailey, Callie and Richard and Ellis well done all around.


I read that Shonda Rhimes plains to do more flashback episodes, I can't wait more Bailey, Richard & Ellis, Shonda Rhimes also mentioned maybe doing a flashback to when Derek, Addison, Noami, Sam and Mark Sloan were all in Med School. That would make an interesting episode considering that Derek and Addison got married as did Sam and Noami and Mark was Derek's best man, was Addison and Derek in Sam and Noami's wedding party, nothing has been mentioned only that Derek and Addison were best friends with Sam and Noami. Let's see Mark Sloan develop into McSteamy, was he a sex machine back at Med School?

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Is Izzie going to stay at Seattle Grace? (Spoilers)

Izzie will be appearing in the last 5 episodes of season 6, she will make an appearance in episode 19: Sympathy for the Parents.

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