An1 else think spencer's kind of a whore?

Oh c'mon guys not true...

Spencer is definitely my favorite... and I love Spoby ♥ awww


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Is anyone else disappointed??

Disappointed yes, but more confused with all misleading and he said/ she said, by the books/ not at all as in the books... C'mon >_<

Crazy Mona is such a creep, great great job Janel Meilani Parrish =)

Yay for Spoby ♥

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Jenna and the house fire

I don't think Toby would hurt Jenn, but I think it has some motive for which he decided to be close to her again and as Spnecer couldn't told him about A to protect him, maybe he also can not say what he's up to to protect her...

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My theories after a third rewatch.

Interesting, Aria being -A crossed my mind few times.

But she was the first one who recived text from -A, which would lead to Ezra is -A, and when she forgot her phone at his place and he read the text from A... Was that when they start to work together? Hahaha

Well, two more episodes, I think we have enough patience and nerves... and I really hope that we will be shocked and surprised

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"A" and who killed Allison.

This thing with twin sister and mental hospital is just fu*ked up I haven't read the books so I don't know on what you're basing these statements, but too much killing and it's so twisted and creepy when you think it's the story about the kids in the period of age 14 to 16! Sick!

But remember also, that Halloween episode, when Alli was telling scary story about twin sisters to that boy?

I don't know... I think it's so fu*cked up! But I got so addicted to this show


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