It's a Long Way Back (Episodes)

I have been ok with this calzona and Mark SL and DO NOT want this baby to die for Mark's sake. For ppl who don't like this SL relax becaue by the end of the season the focus will be on Mer/Christina/Alex and less on calzona which to me is what it should be for now. I love the focus on other characters some more than others but I miss the main 3 and to have that makes me happy.

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Alex+____________ (Relationships)

I have no idea but it better be someone who will love him,take care of him and NEVER leave him (I'm always gonna love him with Izzie but I don't think KH is coming back) I do like the idea of him and the new OB though........ let's see what happens

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Izzie/ Alex Closure

Actually SR had planned to kill Izzie off but couldn't go through with it. I don't know that we will ever see closure between A/I (although that's all I want CLOSURE even without KH)

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Who do you think will win Chief Resident?

I see Alex or Mer being chief resident. I know there is the issue on babies with Mer and balancing personal with professional but she is a good surgeon, knows how to take charge but who knows what could happen in the episodes to come. Cristina is a big no for me becuase of her ambition for surgery and her career I just don't see it being her

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New Cast Suggestion

GA is too full to add ANY MORE cast members! The ensemble has enough struggles to get equal screen time so any more permanent actors and my head will explode

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Alex Karev AND April Kepner? and general chit chat....

@ claire

I understand that there are people that hate A/I together but how can you tell A/I fans to stop? People are entitled to love or hate any person or couple they want but please show some respect to those who still love A/I or any other couple that may or may not happen again. If you want to express your opinion about this fine but please try not to tell A/I shippers to stop loving a couple or wanting Izzie back again it's their  opinion (I understand the reality that Izzie most likely  won't come back but some fans can't accept that ) 


But anyway I did not like Alex almost having sex with April. I'm actually on her side in this particular case even though she also put herself in this situation. Alex knew she was a virgin and really I sympathize with Alex on his family situation and what he's been through but he deserved that punch from Jackson (and as a nonviolent person and Alex lover that's hard for me to say) Alex can't expect to act like a jerk and get away with it anymore it was ok in S1-S2 but he's grown so much more and shouldn't keep going back. He needed a wake up call and that was it. April/Alex relationship is probably as good as dead

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Alex Karev AND April Kepner? and general chit chat....

Um no! I don't hate April right now (but I'm not so crazy about her either) but her with Alex wouldn't work and if it happened then I may just hate her

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PASS THE TISSUE!!! Best tear jerking scenes. (Fan Fiction)

I don't cry over grey's or any TV show (that's just me ) so the closest I have come to crying like a tear from GA is

-Denny dying (I actually liked Izzie/Denny in S2 so seeing Izzie falling apart in the finale broke my heart)

-George's dad dying (I mean who DIDN'T get some type of affect by this?)

-Alex's vows (The most tearjerking scene in GA history in my book!)

-When everybody  was crying after George's death (Mer,Cristina,Izzie, Bailey,Lexie and Callie) 

-Percy dying (I didn't like him but he didn't deserve that)

-Mer offering herself up for Derek's life ( I was like NO don't do it!)

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Top 10 Grey's epis (Episodes)

Here are my top 10 favorite GA episodes which I will never stop loving 

1.What a difference a day makes (Alex/Izzie is my favorite couple of all time whether they are together or not and the wedding was freakin beautiful especially Alex's vows *melts*)

2.Sympathy for the Parents (It was all about Alex and his past and what he went through as a child. This is the episode that I decided that Alex is my favorite character and always will be:D)

3. Time after Time (The Colin Marlow scenes were pretty entertaining  and Izzie's daughter being in the hospital and the scenes where she talks about her and is nervous makes Izzie having a daugther SL my absolute favorite Izzie SL)

4.It's the end of the world (It has everything nail biting drama,humor,sex,touching moments do I need to say any more?) 

5.Six days (George's dad dying was one of the saddest moments in GA history and it showed George in a more serious greiving manner especially with the confrontation with Bailey and Webber)

6.Invest in love (I didn't really care about AZ at first except for being a perky happy peds surgeon but her work and compassion with kids made me really love her)

7.Valentine's day massacre (The SL with the old couple at the restaraunt did it for me I was so into it)

8.Elevator Love Letter (Mer/Der elevator proposal,Alex's voiceover,Izzie's surgery and having the core cast involved for one of their own :D)

9.Sanctuary/Death and all his friends (I was just watching with my hands covering my mouth almost the whole time. I was freakin speechless with this finale my absolute favorite finale of all time)

10.Here's to the future/Now or Never (The limbo with whether Izzie or George would be dead or alive was nailbiting. The post it wedding :D,a time where I thought Cristina/Owen were cute which has quickly passed really amazing)

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Season 7 info (Spoilers)

So I went on Greys gabble and found out  some information on S7. The S7 premiere date is September 23 and it is a ONE HOUR PREMIERE (not 2 hrs) Here is my source

Counting down the days till GA S7 premiere :D

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