Dare to Dair?

@Kiara (sourcherrypunk)- great theory. I hope that these are actually foreshadows which the writers like to integrate in their SL. At this point, i do believe that people in this thread  should give the writers a run for their money because  they have great ideas on how to write an EPIC DAIR scene. 


If your theories do not materialize, do not be disappointed. It just shows that, as Dair fans, we have great ideas that they can seem to pull out from their heads. GG writers should try visiting threads like this. lol 

Thanks... and I agree! Lol - the writers really need to get their act together... and I am DESPERATELY HOPING that we get a dair finale rather than a sickening and sad Chair- so totally expected- BS! i dnt want Chuck to save her and become the Hero... but I dnt at all hve much hopes, I am kind of dreading the finale. I knw many feel that even a look will mke them happy and It will mke me happy to, evn if Dair shre a few seconds of an eyelock, I sound pathetic, but I will hve a HUGE smile on my face if that happens, but looking at the current situation that seems like a bleak possibility. and that mkes me sad since DAIR is the best freaking thing  that happened on the show... all other seasons I hve jst read updates / caught occasional epis on YT or something but I saw this entire season for Dair (I went back and saw the previous epis after reading the Blog I mentioned earliar. 

But I also Knw that Dair is gonna happen, coz frm a writers stand point- evn if writers love chuck blair, blair chuck- dynamics, evn they knw it and we knw it (coz it shows in their writing) that Chair hve been stretched to it very limits. they are stale and boring, and a dead end. Creatively speaking Dair hve many obstacles interior and exterior that they will hve to cross/ over come in their relationship, thus making them, as many hve rightly said- a gold mine- of interesting and HEALTHY SLs.

So I knw the writers are going to dair, but I hope we get a hint of that in the finale...

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Dare to Dair?

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Dare to Dair?

hey wenah!  My name is Kiara.

As much as i want to give the writers a little credit for bring DAIR together and making this show amazing again (for awhile), I seriously doubt that they have the intellectual capacity to come up with such an elaborate SL.


But then again, they might surprise us with this development should they dare to go there.


I agree, I have serious doubts that they will be able to come uo with such elaborate Sl's but as you said they might surprise us...

Though I am nt going to get my hopes up, coz if there isnt any DAIR thn I wnt be dissapointed and if there is then I will be really happy.

Plus I have another theory that Dan will be significant to saving Blair- but again, I dnt think the writers will mke that happen, coz they are all for "chuck's redemption Crap...

But I will share anyway,

okay, I was seeing the V-day epi wen they spend valentines seeing Rosemary's baby- and in that Dan says "do u knw how many gloves I hve lost in the subway" to which Blair reply's "well, you do often seem cursed"

now this line seems a little weird, since this is completely out of the blue- a second ago Dan was saying "I agree the mousse is creepy", whr the hell gloves come in?! then I read the awesome Blog by Caitlin( i guess is her name) the one whr she kind of describes How dan is Blair's prince. and I got to thnking that this might be not jst random blabbering on Dan's part, probably the writer's very subtly told us that dan is the Cursed prince for Blair.

Then episode 20 happened and Charlie says- "he cant resist a damsel is distress" - If the writers are as smart as I desperately hope they are, this can be another clue that Dan will play a significant role in saving Blair. Coz she is the Damsel in distress and she is the Damsel he really cares for and has romantic-ish feelings for.

then episode 21, the Charles Place is being contructed- in Brooklyn! of all places! that cant be a co-incidence that the writers took the fight, actually the saving of the Princess from the evil antagonist to Brooklyn- the place whr Dan lives, the sort of "kingdom" of the Pauper/prince in disguise/ cursed frog. Coz let's face it Chuck can mke a hotel anywhr, they needed a construction site for the Thorpe V/s Bass showdown to happen it cld hve been a construction site in UES- which is the "kingdom" of Chuck- the dark knight. Why Brooklyn? it might be another hint that Brooklyn - by which I mean Dan- will hve a role to play in saving Blair?? 

Oh and one mre thing... the episode twenty was- the princesses and the frog- right? the princesses mean- Blair and serena or Blair and sofie- but who is the frog? it cant be Chuck, he is the beast not a harmless frog... and since you guys must have guessed by now I am a person who has theories, My theory is that the frog is Dan. Perhaps this title was abt how the princesses and the frog's SL's get seperated, that they are nt in contact but are doing their own thing, until the season finale whr all the SLs merge together again. Giving us a so called "epic and unexpected" finale??

But as I hve said I hope I am right and the writers are this smart but of course I dnt trust them...

what do u guys think of my random blabberings?

love to all !

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Dare to Dair?

hello people,

well I am new here... and I joined because I LOVE DAIR, and need ... really need to talk abt them and get them out of my system....

anyway, abt the recent spoilers and dan writing a book on UES, it mkes complete sense, we all knw UES ppl have been his inspiration- first Serena and then Chuck- and if Vanessa read the book, which I guess she will find, as in the promo there is this moment whr she is opening the door to the loft and it looks like the lights the are nt on, so perhaps she reads it and realises that Dan has had a soft spot for Blair for quite sometime, and it was nt just one kiss, but he actually feels something for her.

in an interview JS i guess said she (vanessa) will do something that will bring her back in the good graces/ will forever mke her an outsider. Now it can go two ways IMO- she can a. get it published , which will mke her an outsider coz if Dan has tld her he doesnt want it published and she goes behind his back, he might NERVER forgive her. Or b. she feels she need to do somthing for her frnd, and gives the manuscipt to Blair, befre Blair is going to go with the prince the night after... and Blair reads it... Till now we seen Blair seen Blair be confused abt Chuck/Louis one she feels sees only her dark side and never understands the other parts of her(chuck) and the other who she feels wnt love her after seeing all of her, thus she never shows her true self to him (Louis). But after reading the book she undersyands/ sees (finally and abt freaking time) that Dan is the ONE guy who sees all of her, her dark side and her good side, and understands+ Likes all of her for EXACTLY who she is. and he the one person with whom she can truely be herself, thus making him her wrong goodbye - coz she brushed him away aftr the kiss, and said goodbye to him.

Do I make sense? hmm.... if I do, there have been very subtle hints of this happening throughout... they did say that a Character will do somthing which had been building throughout the seasons- or someything like that. and Dan writing abt UES ppl has been building throughout the seasons, starting with Serena, moving to Chuck, and stuff...

But aftr seeing the epis aftr petty in pink I highly doubt the writers are THAT intelligent, but I do Hope that are...


what do you guys think??

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Dare to Dair?

okay I havent seen the full episode yet... and I am new here, so HI to all!! 

anyway, I just saw the part whr Blair is talking to Serena and pretty mush tells her off for trying to take Chuck's side... loved that part (minus the part whr she says Louis makes her happy) because we FINALLY saw Blair admit, that chuck is bad for her, and finally she stood put to the scum and didnt let him drag her back to the dark place (ie. Chair relationship). I think tis epi was a breakthrough fo Blair's character, she finally walked away from Chuck! and HURRAY for that!!! seriously it was about time she did that, now I hope unlike S3 the dmn writers dnt fet her back to Chuck, coz that'll be the same pattern Blair has had since S2 - she takes two steps up in character development, but then takes ten steps back, by falling in the "We are madgnetic, our pull is greater than ever" crap Chuck throws her way. 

Another positive note- her admitting in a way that Chuck was her high school love, but she has moved past that, and is maturing and growing up. 

I see this as a great development for Dair too. we all knw Louis is a temporary character, and he will go away... if she stands firm on her ground and doesnt go back to Chuck, at any cost. Louis will be out of the picture sooner or later... leaving space for Dair in S5...

wow that was long! but I just had to put it all out!

Love to all for reading 

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