Blair Punishment Waldorf


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Where are the Chair fans?


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Physically/emotionally/intellectually-GG couples.

I knew there was a reason I loved you.


Nate and Blair. They're a beautiful contrast in the sense of things, and look really great together. They're probably the cutest couple I've ever seen, even if I don't ship them. Case and point: 

Chuck and Blair. Whatever. No GIF for this one, just in case blairarchibald sees this and doesn't want her lovely Nair ruined by Chair. <3


Dan and Serena. This goes without saying. They understand each other on a level that can't be expressed in words; they're almost too perfect.

Nate and Jenny. Pretty much everything you said; he seems so much happier when she's around, and she lights up every time he's in the room. They compliment each other. It's easy to see that they make each other happy.


Dan and Blair. They're both brilliant people, and seem to share a love for literature. Both of them were accepted into Yale, and they look at situations in rational ways. They're pretty much the same when it comes to smarts.


OMG YES, You are a genius! 

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hate youuu

I want a NENNY kiss

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I guess when Blair manipulated and "sold" Chuck...

Now I wanna know, how many of you who share this opinion believe that Chuck deserves Blair? or that he deserves to be with anybody considering he's such a fucked up person who can't love and is irreversably emotionally damaged? because, IMO, people like that have no buisness being in a relationship, especially in this case because it is so clear that Blair just has a normal girl side to her that just wants to be loved and knows how to love and IMO she should be with somebody who can reciprocate and appreciate her fully.

How the fuck can anybody with this opinion ship Chair is my question.



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Quickly-- Serenate or Nenny?

Used to be a huge Serenate fan.


but now




I always did like them :)

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In memory of Derena (2007-2009)


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Will Chenny Happen?

J isn't a slut

If she was she would've gone through with sleeping with Damien

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Team Endgame (DS, CB, NJ)

I agree, i totally used to ADORE the idea of Serenate and Danessa was just a convenience ship for me. But they are boring me to DEATH now! Chair has lost its magic too! 


I adore Nenny, I always have.

Derena were ADORABLE season 1.

If Chair gets back their spark I'll adore them again!


I hope those three couples are endgame ;P

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and omg nooo about girls aloud!!!!

but the thing is i didn't find that anywhere else so maybe there's hope it isn't true

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