Song Beneath The Song (Episodes)

the only two great things about this episode

(1) meredith's acting in the elevator (that was the best acting ive seen in a while)

(2) the BURKE referenceeeeeee!!!! love burke and miss him terribly!!!

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Song Beneath The Song (Episodes)


this didnt jump the shark, it jumped MULTIPLE sharks. it was a jokeee

owen's singing made me laugh (he killed "how we operate" in a bad way) , the mark, arizona and callie storyline is stretched out to the max. i get if it was a good sl, but its simply terrible!!! 

grey's used to be my favourite show of all time

first the documentary episode, then the golden hour, now this SHIT?

this whole season was utter waste. not only was it their worst season EVER, this is possibly the worst season of television! they should end it now if this is the crap theyre gunna pull.

and shonda directed the episodee!!! she usually does good stuff! but tonight, it was just...wrong. if this is season seven, im terrified for season eight.

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Derek's Screen Time

i hate that derek gets little to none screentime.

even that episode where they brought in the medical students, he was like in ONE shot. the past episode he was only there for the scene with meredith. im so mad.

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Who Said That ?!

addison!!! talking to bailey when derek leaves herrrr!

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Piano track from 2/17 ep. (Music)

yaaaa they definitely played that before and i would LOVE to have the song!

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lexie and mark or lexie and jackson (Relationships)

i know mark and lexie are "MFEO" according to miss rhimes herself. however, mark makes me nautious and lexie is so great, so together they don't do much for me. In fact, they've really done nothing for me. Jackson is in desperate need of a decent storyline, and in my opinion, he has great chemistry with lexie, and after the end of last episode, I was hoping something would happen at the end. So therefore, Jackson and Lexie get a thumbs up for me! Mark and Lexie are just getting plain annoying :S Plus, we need some non-baby related drama for this show, so I think Lexie and Jackson are the perfect addition.

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Teddy-Henry (Relationships)

this season IS in fact worse than all the rest, by far, its just one big mess.

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Teddy-Henry (Relationships)

awww i love them. when he was saying his speech and apologizing to her, all i could think about was izzie and denny <3 it was such a cute scene. and this is what i hate about greys this season. Thers rele no true plot development. Back in season 2, it seemed that every episode, all the storylines were touched upon and consequently progressed. However, this season, the first half was ALL Cristina, and then we had some teddy-henry, and then now all we can see is that damn calzona-mark storyline which is a SL that belongs on a soap opera. And i bet next episode we won't even see henry :(

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Not Responsible (Episodes)

if the show ends where meredith and dereke has a baby, with the house in the woods, all happy, that will be too cheesy for me to handle.

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Meredith 25/25 (we need to see more of our main character!!!) 

Alex 25/25 (gotta love good ol' alex, he tells it like it is)

Cristina 25/25 (when shes on her game, shes the best)

(izzie) 24/25 (minus one for being a bitch near her departure)

(george) 25/25 (i wish they could revive him from the dead

(burke) 25/25 (i truly miss him, now that george is gone i wish he could come back)

(addison) 25/25 (screw pp, BRING HER BACK TO GREYS)

bailey 25/25 (simply adorable.)

derek 25/25 (love him, now that hes no longer chief :) )

chief 23/25 (hes the boss. nuff said.)

callie 4/20 (i used to LOVE HER in seaon 2 and 3, now, her storyline and her character is worse than an infection).

mark 7/20 (i used to like him back in the day, now not so much, he seems so desperate)

lexie 15/20 (i like her.)

april 3/20 (one word: annoying)

jackson 5/20 (he coud be useful, but he never gets a decent storyling)

teddy -100/20 (GET HER OUTTA THERE, she dont belong!)

owen 11/20 (hes alright, im warming up to the idea of him)

arizona -100/20 (hate her so much, get her and her annoying storyline the hell off this show)


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