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OMG Bored Now you should change your name to Angry Now. Because you're aggravating and you always have something negative to say about the show which makes me wonder why do you even watch it then if it makes you so mad? That's just stupid. You literally comment on everything with something thats bothering you and it seems like literally everything bothers you which in that case you just shouldn't watch the show. Julie Plec clearly does not care about your opinion enough to change anything and it's that way for a reason. SHUT UP.

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AAAAh Meredith!!!

too bad no one knows that yet tho.

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Stelena Appreciation Thread

i love Stelena so much I am not opposed to Delena but I am a sucket for love but who knows what is goig to happen this season with Stefan going back to his old ways... we'll see 

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Who are your top 5 characters from TVD?

How can I pick? I love everyone except Klaus, Elijah, Katherine, Matt, and Sheriff Forbes

A better question would have been who are your bottom 5 characters?

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R.I.P Jenna Sommers

all last night, the death of Jenna like haunted me which is crazy because shes a character and not a real being and I just couldnt stop thinking about it because remembering Jenna, she was sooo sweet and nice and she tried soooooo hrd for Jeremy and Elena and then we saw the hurt in her eyes when she found out the secrets that everyone was keep from her to protect her and then she became that very secret and insted of being able to enjoy it as an eternity of life, it got taken from her. It was sooo sad because i really did love Jenna, I loved Jenna and Alaric together they were the sweetest thing and they didnt even get the chance to talk things out or say goodbye or finish on a good note. I ts a terrible thing, i wish the writers could of came up with something else that didnt involve Jenna. It was detrimental to everyone... also, Jeremy? poor Jeremy. He's losing the world. I think he's lost more people dear to him then Elena has.

R.I.P. Jenna Sommers

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'I know I don't deserve your forgiveness but I need it."

#teamDelena quote from last night: "if you come back as a vampire, i'll stake you myself because i can't dedal with the thought of you hating me forever"

this quote brought me to tears because at the end of the day, Damon means more than well and we all know it.

dont get me wrong, i absolutely love Stefan and i know there are a lot of Delena fans out there but i've always been team Stelena just because they are sooo happy together and sweet and some people think its corny but i'm a sucker for love

but i wont say i'd be entirely upset if we saw some Delena action

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What does Klaus want with Stefan???

Klaus needs to just leave Stefan alone. Klaus needs to leave everyone alone. I dont understand why hes so tormented in the head to created a species of supernatural beings like arent there enough walking about in the world? Just be happy that your spell is broken then move to Europe or something. The only thing I could see Klaus wanting with Stefan would be a slow death like he plans for Katherine, or making him a were-vamp and I dont even know how he would go about that.

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Klaus and Elena

I think Klaus is a butthole. Elena had a very good point when she said she came with him and she didnt run like she should have or done anything stupid. She went with him, and in essence, he could of just let Jenna live. Yes, Damon sabotaged the plot, but he should of made Damon pay. Not Elena. He could of chose any random person off the street to be a vampire, he didnt have to use Caroline and definitely didnt have to use Jenna. Such a shame. I am really terribly wsadf that Jenna is gone.

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R.I.P John Gilbert

I understand John because he was just like how Bonie was in the beginning, which was hating all vampires. Now, he didnt handle it like Bonnie did because for the most part (except for faking the spell at the end of the first season) Bonnie cared about Elena's feelings for the Salvatore brothers. John didnt. He just wanted them dead. This season, I still didnt like him very much until the episode where Isobel returned. At that time I was able to tell he was sincere in keeping Elena safe and I trusted him from there out especially after she told him she wanted to keep him around. After this episode, I can say he was more than honorable. It was so amazing that he sacrificed his life so that Elena would be able to live hers and be better for her family. That was too sweet. I definitely cried, I thought he was amazing in his actions and I am now sad that he is gone.


R.I.P. John Gilbert

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Will we get ForWood?

ForWood needs to happen because I love them together!!! Despite their differences, there is sooo much love and caring for each other and I can't lie, I laughed at that mini scene with them last night because it was the most adorable thing i the world

Opposites attract! ForWood for love <3

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