OMFG Episode 2x21 Our thoughts after watching

can i also say how i was sooo happy when greta got killed? stupid b@#$% and i didnt care much about jule though i cant lie i did have some sympathy for her in the end but damn.


like i said overall this was really an OMMFG episode. i woulda taken this as the finale but its not!!!! thats crazy!!!!  that means more overly crazy stuff... wowwwww

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OMFG Episode 2x21 Our thoughts after watching

ohhhh my god the tears wont stop coming at all i cannot believe elijah i was just talking about how honorable he was the ~!@#$%^&* ~!@#$%^&* i hate him wtf i cannot stand him

jenna?! omgggg poor alaric just loft his girlfriend after his wife, poor jeremy losing everyoneeee he loves, poor elena for losing her guardian after only trying to protect her

john... more than honorable man. despite all his past doings, he proved himself true. r.i.p. i grew to love him a lot within the past few episodes

caroline and tyler? i laughed theyre too cute. i cannot stand matt. hes an idiot. caroline is an AMAZING girl and he is too stupid to be with her anyway. she needs to be with tyler. they are way too cute for each other.

jeremy and elena moment? beautiful. i loved it so much. they are amazing. they have each other and i can tell their bond is going to be so extra strong.

klaud can smd! i dont like him. hes an @$$hole i hope they find a way to destroy his superior being along with elijah who i have to refer back to because he is such an @$$ for really double crossing everyone after they brought his stupid self back to life

bonnie was amazing this episode. i love her. she has only used her power for what she truly thought was good and she is amazing all over. she thinks about her friends first and thats so important

stefan and damon moment at the end? tru brotherly love. i love it. poor damon i really hope he doesnt die. stefan is awesome idc what anhyone says they might be tired of him but he is so honorable and unbelieveably hot. damon cant die. omg

This episode was really a OMMFGGGGG episode. wowwww good job vampire diaries.

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