game-changer's Anatomy (Spoilers)

"Something has to happen to Izzie's fertilized eggs." LOL anuflas, you are SO RIGHT!!! Maybe KH will do a cameo and just grab her eggs and run....:D Okay I'm being crazy here. But this egg-thing just cracked me up. :D Thanks!!!!!!

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Most awkward scene? (Episodes)

Okay, I think for me the absolutely, definitely WORST scene ever was in season 3, in the 2nd part of the 2part episode where Mer nearly drowns and it looks like she's not gonna make it, and Izzie gives her speech to the others about "I believe that we will survive..." or something like that. For me, NOTHING can "top" that. Baaaaad acting, and waaay to bad and cheesy writing. Geez, just thinking about that makes me wanna throw up.


And I DO love the show!! :)

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Izzie never asked to meet her daughte?

I think there is one simple explanation: the writers forgot about that storyline...

Because otherwise, I don't see any reason why a possibly dying Izzie wouldn't want to see her daughter or at least tell about her to her friends - especially Alex.  Okay, the not-wanting-to-see-her, I can find an explanation: she doesn't want the girl to see her like this, you know, after seeing her biological mother and talking to her for the first time, and then immediately hit by the shock and tragedy that she might die...

But I would bet on my very first explanation.

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Is Leighton a Diva? (Leighton Meester)

Jesus, is smoking really that big of an issue??? Are you really judging her for that??? Come on, you can't be serious guys. She knows it's not healthy; but then again, fastfood and sweets and booze and caffein aren't healthy either and don't tell me you haven't tried these before. Poor Leighton, I can't believe she's being judged because of that. Just let that great girl be!!! I know you love her all, so I think cutting her some slack would be nice.

Maybe being photographed while smoking is not that good, bacause of being  a role model for smaller girls etc., but I think it's HER life, and everyone should make the  decision of smoking-not smoking for herself.

I think leighton rocks, with or without tattoo, her singing or her smoking. She's just so sweet, smart and down-to-earth in her interviews...and bringing up all these "flaws" is just ridiculous.

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P*ssed at Shonda...a little bit. (Spoilers)

I just read the ausiello interview with Shonda again, and at one point I got really mad...where she tells that she never thought that people would think Denny is a ghost because it's a medical drama after all, why would be there any ghosts...and that *obviously* it was aaaaalll Izzie's hallucination.

Except the fact that in one epsiode (sorry I can't remember the title, the one where Alex asks izzie if he could introduce her to his parents, and Izzie talks to Denny about how she wants a real boyfriend, how she wants to meet the parents etc.)

And at the very end of the episode, Izzie walks out and Denny sits down NEXT TO ALEX HELLOOOOO!!!! This couldn't have been Izzie's hallucination or her POV cause she wasn' there!!! I guess Shonda wanted to make it  a little lighter with this scene but in this very scene, Denny can only be interpreted as a ghost. Or am I wrong here?


Because if I'm not, then Shonda is just incredibly arrogant, at least in this interview. She might be awesome and genious for creating Grey's, but she's just arrogant.


Ugh. Sorry. I just needed to get it out of my system :)

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Is George gone for good? (Spoilers)

OMG, that quote..greysaddiction, I just hope Izzie's & George's fate will  turn out  according to this quote cause otherwise, to me, this very piece of writing is the absolute lowpoint of Grey's. Funny u quoted that..:)

This is beyond cheesy and absolutely fake and so bad it's beyond words. And this comes from somebody who LOVES Grey's, really, I do.

Sorry Greysaddiction, u pushed a button here, sorry for the ranting, I might gone slightly mental after this finale...:D

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1st show next season (Episodes)

...he is not good BECAUSE he was homophobic, that's a little ambigous, I hope you got what I mean though...:D

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1st show next season (Episodes)

HELL YEAH. Too bad Isaiah Washington is homophobic and likes to hit people, because he was *SO DAMN GOOD*.

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1st show next season (Episodes)

I really hope both will the interview with Shonda, she said that she had planned this cliffhanger from the very beginning of the season (or sthng like that), aaaand, if I remember correctly, all those rumors about T.R and Katherine wanting to leave started (if we can trust Shonda) then this plot was planned from the beginning, then it doesn't have to do too much with these rumors.

Also, Katherine Heigl stated (about 2 months ago) that she'd happy to stay if Grey's still want her.

TR was unhappy about the fact that he didn't get a storyline, that's why he wanted to leave, at least that's the main rumor I heard (of course noone can know what exactly has happened except TR and Shonda). WELL, NOW he has a huge storyline....

And a little plus: Patrick Dempsey also commented on the rumors of TR and Katherine leaving, and he said that nobody is leaving, they are in a contract for 6 years, and that's it. And also, because of the recession, everybody should be glad to have a steady job. :) GOOD POINT!!! :)


They can't just kill off them. Neither of them. There is a well-balanced dynamic between these 5 main characters, they are together GA, they can't just crush it.


P.S.: I hope Goerge will need a heart surgery and they have to call back Burke cause obviously he's the best, and that could also stir up Owen and Christina's relationship..:P Okay, I admit, I'm a huge Burke fan...and that's just daydreaming I'm doing here....

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Here's to the Future/Now or Never: season finale (Episodes)

Okay, I just read this ausiello interview with Shonda AFTER the finale...READ IT TOO!!!!!

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