Damon and Elena Pic!!!!

I'm sure that's Elena. Katherine and Damon don't really have a story with one another right now so it wouldn't make sense for them to be hugging like that. And I definitely think it's something with Rose. Either she died or they were able to save her. Either way, this photo was so endearing. :) 

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Official "The Descent" Synopsis

That Damon picture. Omg. Beautiful. 

I think that the whole life and death thing might be connected to Rose. Cause all this time we've known Damon to be someone who doesn't really have a problem killing anybody. So it's possible that for the first time, he might find it difficult to do this because of the connection that he has with Rose. It's not a romantic one but something like what someone mentioned about the Stefan/Lexi friendship.

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Who would win in a fight??? (Game/Debate)

I have to agree. Damon can totally kick Stefan's ass. He's a lot stronger because he feeds on human blood constantly and he's more in control of his abilities. He's had more experience in actual physical fights as compared to Stefan and I also don't doubt that he has the wit to outsmart Stefan in a fight.

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Moments Later (Season 1)

I read that we'll find out who A is within the next four episodes. 

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Who is the prettiest among the 4???

All their looks are so different and distinct but I'd have to rank them as:

1. Spencer

2. Emily

3. Aria

4. Hanna

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Caroline what's next?

I don't think they'll be killing her off anytime soon because she represents a different kind of vampire. And it undeniable that this character has gotten a lot better since turning. I think it'll be really cool to see Tyler and Caroline side with Klaus cause that will just change and affect so many things.

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If Elena hadn't looked like Katherine....

If and when they do the Charlotte storyline, I definitely want them to focus on just that first.

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New Cast Suggestion

Completely agree! I think one of the main problems of Grey's now is the fact that they have so many regular characters and they can't find enough airtime to develop each character well.

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Oh right. Sorry, I forgot about that.

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Ausiello spoiler- MerDer (Spoilers)

Well it's good to see that they'll be bringing it up again. I really didn't like how they just put it to rest after it played such a big part in the finale. 

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