Cristina Yang

I like how strong Cristina is. She's a person who knows what she wants and she doesn't change herself for anyone. One of my favorite characters as well.

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Secret Circle Ships??

I'm a sucker for the Cassie and Adam pairing just becausse it feels like they're supernaturally bound to one another. It's hard to resist that. And you can just see the sparks between them whenever they perform magic together so it's add more to that irresitible supernatural spark that they have going on.

But at the same time, Diana and Adam were cute together during the scene in the car. I think that was the first time we really saw them as a couple and it was nice to see. I like how vulnerable Diana was during that scene and it was all because she was with Adam.

I haven't really seen anyone withc Nick just because I haven't seen enough of the character to judge.

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Funniest Character?

Caroline and Damon!

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Welcome to the SC forum!

Really enjoyed the pilot that I'm officially obsessed with a new show!

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Favorite Character

I think the that four really stood out in the pilot and those were Diana, Cassie, Adam, and Faye. Each of them have great potential as character so I'm really looking forward to seeing all of them develop throughout the season. 1. Cassie is hesitant but daring so you know that she sort of shows a balance. 2. Diana is the responsible one but you can tell that she isn't afraid to act when she knows that something has to be done. 3. Faye is unpredictable that you need her in order to see what the abuse of power can do. 4. Adam is the more rational one. It's only been an episode and I'm already obsessed with this show! And a lot of it has to do with these characters
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a typical pilot

Just like the others who have replied to this, I have also watched too many TV shows for my own good and can honestly say that this was a very satisfying pilot. I thought that the pace was good and it really set up a lot of things that the show will be able to tackle throughout its run. Although there were undeniably some predictable scenes, all shows have them anyway. I think this show has a lot of potential and it was shown from the pilot. 

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Teddy-Henry (Relationships)

I love Henry and Teddy together! Henry's speech about how hard it was to let go of her was the one that made me cry in the finale. They're just great together and I like how different their relationship is compared to the others on the show.

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season 8? (Spoilers)

Grey's was picked up for Season 8 since January and both Ellen and Patrick are for sure a part of it. :)

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Ellen Pompeo leaving

Ellen Pompeo's made it pretty clear that season 8 is her last one. I know the show won't be the same without her and Patrick Dempsey but that doesn't mean that they won't try to keep the show on. I honeslty think that Shonda Rhimes will continue the show despite their absence and ABC will still pick the show up. Despite their average ratings, Grey's Anatomy remains to be a show with a strong fan base and ABC knows that. They'll probably give the show a season to see if they can go on without Meredith because the network believes in Shonda Rhimes a lot as seen through all the shows which she creates and they pick up.

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Whose returning for season 4?

That's true! Even if Liam is possibly the easiest character to cut out right now, they just can't pull off another Ethan. This show needs to start learning how to keep characters by having good writing. It's not hard to have a lot of characters. I mean Grey's does with around 14 characters probably and they manage well. It shouldn't be that hard to keep all these characters in the show.

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