Ellen Pompeo leaving

It's not a secret that Ellen Pompeo plans on leaving after the 8th season so I think it's really about how the show should proceed when she's gone. I have nothing against Callie and Arizona but I don't want the show to focus on them. If anything, it would be quite ironic if it centered more on Lexie just so it keeps with the whole "Grey's" Anatomy concept. I think the show can make it without Meredith considering they know how to develop the other characters better and not to center it solely on Callie and Arizona because we've seen how a lot of fans haven't been too pleased with how they've taken a lot of the attention this season. 

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Cristina's Pregnancy a HUGE mistake or Life changing expierence?

In a sense it is true that Owen knew what he was getting into with Cristina. We all know that it's never been in her plan to have children so Owen should understand that. Although I think that now that the she's pregnant, it's different. This whole story could really tackle abortion so it'll be very sticky I think. I'm just not a fan of this development as a whole. I think Owen and Cristina need to talk about the different things that they want for themselves and their futures together but I feel like this discussion will include abortion a lot so it's not as appealing anymore.

Cristina being a mom, it will come from her desire to succeed at everything but who knows how far that desire will go and whether it'll result into something good or not.

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Beth in New York?

This seems a little far fetched to me but I would absolutely love it! I'd love anything with Idina Menzel. But if Quinn were to reconnect with Beth and all that, I'd think it would be something more dramatic. Meaning there'll be a leading storyline to it before springing up Idina and the baby back.

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Cristina's Pregnancy a HUGE mistake or Life changing expierence?

I'm not particularly pleased with this storyline. I'm sorry but I don't see Cristina really experiencing some life-changing moment here. I know it's possible but she's no Charlotte King. Meaning, for PP watchers, that she's not the tough girl that is just scared to have a kid. Cristina, plain and simple, doesn't want one. 

I feel like she can't just have the kid because Owen wants it because that's a terrible reason to have a child. She can't keep it just because her husband wants to. And in the end it could turn out worse for the kid. However, at the same time, I can't imagine her aboritng it simply because she doesn't want it. I mean, can she really justify aborting her child, while being in a committed relationship with someone who wants it, simply because of her career?

And I really don't see her having a 180 turn and suddenly embracing the role of motherhood.

I don't know how this could work out well but I'm gonna trust they know what they're doing.

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Why so much backlash from some of you about Blairs baby?

Simpy put, I don't like the idea of Blair getting pregnant because she isn't ready for something like this. She's so caught up in becoming someone first and how will that work out when you put a baby into the equation? She's young and it's not ideal for her character's development. I think something like this is actually bad for the direction of the show in general.

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Downright ridiculous

AGREE. Exacly the reasons why I wasn't incredibly impressed with the finale. And honestly, Goergina? Sorry but I have always loved her character but found her appearance in this episode quite pointless.

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Whose returning for season 4?

I hope they don't cut anyone from the cast at all. The new showrunners are trying to justify cutting characters as a way of focusing their stories better but this is all about good writing after all. I agree that they can't cut out Annie, Dixon, Naomi, Silver, and Navid. These five are like the Blair, Serena, Nate, Chuck, and Dan of 90210 after all.

Based on the finale, the easiest person to cut out is Liam because of his "journey to find himself". Personally I hope they don't because I like Annie and Liam together and it'll be nice to see how they work through their relationship after something like that. Although, it'll be easy to replace him if he chooses to continue finding himself or something like that.

I feel like Adrianna shouldn't be cut either because she's a pretty core character as well. She's been there since the beginning as well and it would be a waste to let her go. As of now, I can't really see her story going beyond trying to make up for what she did and failing. I don't know how the others can forgive her but this girl deserves a better life. They make her a drug addict, get her pregnant, she drops out of school to puruse her career, her career ends before it even really begins, then she goes after Silver like crazy just to get revenge. Seriously. A girl's life has to get better somehow.

I don't think they should cut Ivy because it'll be great to watch her dealing with Raj dying. I mean, how often do you see an 18 year old dealing with the death of her husband? I think this could be really great if it's portrayed well by the actors so I hope they don't cut Ivy.

As fo Teddy, I think it would be such a mistake to let this character go. They've actually done a good job at him coming out there's just so much more to explore with this character.


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Make your couple! (Relationships)

Mark - Lexie <3 

Teddy - Henry

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Dont want Naomi and max to break up!

I thought he was staying for another season 2. Isn't he? I love Max and Naomi together!!

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Will Adrianna kill herself?

Despite Adrianna being horrible this season, I don't want her to die. I think an attempt is fine but not actual death. 

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