~ Chuck & Blair ~ 2.0

So all these Dair threads are fucking ridiculous.

And I completely agree. People obviously have a right to an opinion but for me, the idea of Dair is simply ridiculous and actually quite despicable.

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No one wants to see Chuck and Blair

Sorry, but I beg to disagree. Chair over Dair any day. 

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Is Jack Coming Back!?

Yup, Jack's definitely coming back! Whether he'll help Chuck or not, only time will tell.

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Ben And Serena (Spoilers)

I think there can be a future between these two characters but I'd rather that it won't be on a romantic point of view. Maybe a relationship for retribution or something of that sorts would be interesting. It could bring out a different side to Serena.

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Am I the only one ship Ben/Serena?

There was something appealing about them, the whole forbidden love thing. But, just no. Not after Ben and his revenge-fueled actions. If it had been Juliet working by herself the whole time, then yeah, Ben/Serena now would be interesting, but Ben forcing her to do all this(all except the drugging..right)is the only reason why Juliet went after Serena. Juliet should have been able to think for herself, but I'm just saying. Ben still played a major role in all that's happened to Serena. 

Very true! They could be something but we can't forget the fact that all the scheming was done because of his quest for revenge. You see that they both mean something to each other but after everything that's happened, I don't know how he can really be trusted.

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is dair happening ?! (Spoilers)

Yeah I just meant Chair. It's just like they over came Chenny, now the writers will have them over come Dair too, they'll be together in the end (which is why i continue to watch) so I don't see the poin

They're cute, don't get me wrong, I just don't see them in a love or sexual way. I'd prefer them to just be good friends, I love their banter, but in the end know that they do really love Chuck and Serena

Exactly what i think! In the end, we're just gonna see Chair happen again so what's the point in going through Dair? I think that instead of giving Blair a new partner they should focus on how these characters develop themselves to be ready to engage in a relationship again. 

And I think that Dan and Blair are cute and all but only on the scale of friendship. I see no sexual or romantic chemistry between them. Friends is a good story but their bantering actually helps with the humor of the show. In the end, it's true that they'll just realize who they really love and that it isn't one another.

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Artie and Brittany

This episode definitely made me see Arite and Brittany in a different light :) Brittany was endearingly sweet with that Christmas wish.

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New SK Spoilers from Nina

Personally can't wait to see this. Katherine is such a manipulative character so to have the person she wants at the tip of her fingers.. Who knows what she'll do and what she'll do to make it happen. 

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I would like to remind you guys

Even if they aren't dating you know that this is still gonna cause serious problems. They both love each other and I think that they both have the assumption that they'll eventually get back together. Stefan and Elena are still connected to each other so for Stefan to do that.. It will change a lot of things between the dichotomy between Stefan and Elena.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY IAN!! Hottest vampire ever <3

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