Why its dumb to hate Jenny.

AMEN igeorgex!!!! Jenny is looking to be a MUCH better queen B then Blair, because yes... toward the end of season 2, none of her minions had any respect for her. Also, throughout the first 2 seasons, Jenny has caused Blair to lose to her 3 times that I can count. The first was mid season one, Jenny became queen B after everyone found out Blair slept with Chuck. The second time was a couple episodes after...after Blair embarassed Jenny at the birthday, Jenny showed up with Nate. Third, Nelli Yuki told jenny penelopes secrets and Penelope told Jenny she could be queen, but Jenny didnt want it. Blairs own minions wanted Jenny to be queen. Jenny is constantly having the upperhand..like at the fashion show, Blair tried to start another war with Jenny but Jenny brushed her off like she was a child. Jenny hooked up with Nate, Blair's Ex and Got his help to beat Blair twice ( Her birthday and Cotillion)

Rel... you're brilliant!!! i just got an account right now so I could comment and tell you that!!!

And Your comment to "tnx for the waffles"

...was probably the most hilarious thing read in a while...

 Also in your conversations with Stella , thank you so much for being so articulate in your responses instead of just blindly defending your arguments. You actually explained where you were coming from and made it easy to be persuaded to your point of view.

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