to much OC over "Dair"

i know it like what the hell i watch the show mainly to see chuck and blair and what goin to happen between them but the wtiter will f*** the story up line and put on a diffrent focus or make them have a fight or misundersting cumin frm eitht chuck or blair im like stop playing game and get them together they have already put Dan and Serena together countless times why not chuck and blair it becoming predictable and way, way too drawn out 

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When Chuck and Blair finally get together...

lol that was so gud really i want that to happend as well but i doubt that his how chuck would have said it he would have done something to make he anger or they would have been having and arugment then he kisses blair to shut her up and then he would wisper softly in her ears "i love you " and they would look into each other eyes then an single tear would fall from blair left eye and then chuck kisses her tear drop and blair would say" it took a long time but your finally mine , me and you thats all we need" lol that how i want the producer too fimlin chuck and blair coming to get.

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