Damon and Stefan compelled by Katherine..

What? Im confused now. So its the opposite Katherine compelled Damon not Stefan into loving her? But then Stefan would be Damon and Damon would be Stefan if that was the case. Someone has their facts wrong. If you are referring to the book then you must realize the book has nothing to do with the series what so ever.

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Stefan's too obsessed with Katherine!!!!

U have the picture all wrong I am neither a Stelena fan or a Delena fan it all comes down to what and who everybody loves in the end but to make things clear everything he did had a motive and certainly did not have anything 2 do with obsessing over Katherine what so ever. Katherine has lived much longer then Stefan and therefore understands and knows mosts of the risks of the Vampire world after all shes lived through them. Hes copying her in order to become strong not just for Elena but for himself. He can die so easily because he doesn't digest human blood. And the blood btw Katherine never did that. Hes taking a few drops to become stronger and to see if he can control it. And hes only taking a few drops for only those two reasons. As for the vervain its obvious that hes copying Katherine because what shes doing is very wise and smart. After all Katherine is really clever. So if Elijah or Klaus or any of the originals ever came around he wouldn't be compelled not necessarily just to protect Elena but to do anything. After all you have to do what your told when your compelled. As for the Isobel thing STEFAN asked her when they were stuck together and she did it out of her free will and she was most likely telling the truth and he was asking her so he could find the originals and kill them to go back to square one which was to protect Elena.  So yeah like I said this has nothing to do with Stefan being obsessed with Katherine. As they always say a part of him will always love her but his true love now is Elena.

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Confused about ending?

As you can see Damon was hurting over Rose. Considering they have become friends. Everyone knew Damon was hurting and Damon just kept denying because he did not want to show his feelings. Because as Damon puts it feelings are for humans. And he is a vampire therefore he does not feel. So at the end of the episode he decided to admit what he was feeling to a complete stranger because he didn't want to talk to anyone else. So he admitted to the girl who came to him that he misses being human. He wants to be human so badly. But he can't. So he covers it all up with causing trouble and making people hate him. All because he wishes he could be human. 

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