Ummmm I don't know sort of maybe but more likely because STEFAN COULDN't Carry her :$

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R.I.P John Gilbert

John was defenitely growing on me and it was really SAD to see him go. I never liked him much at the beginning thought he was a waste of TVD space but he redeemed himself and no Elena is parent-less and Jeremy well has no one. They have no one but eachother. Lets hope after the final episode( because I have a feeling it will be all doom and gloom ) there will be more happy times for these characters. Unless well someone else dies. :$

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"I made the wrong choice.." -- 2x22 (Elena)

People! Coming from the person who has heard the promo a million times Elena/Katherine is DEFENITELY saying "You made the wrong choice" and im 99.9% sure it is Katherine and not Elena for the following reasons:

1- in the extended promo someone is breaking a window. That is most likely Katherine considering she might have found a loophole in Klaus's compulsion and free's herself from Alaric's apartment

2-When she jumps from the window its vampire style and Elena is not a vampire

3- Elena is not wearing the same clothes

Somewhere in the episode Damon gets mixed up with Katherine and Elena and Katherine messes with Damon's head and ends up with Damon inside that little prison in the salvatore house. And thats when she refers to the fact that "you made the wrong choice" (Damon) because he thought she was Katherine

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OMFG 2x22 extended promo!!!!!!

I have a feeling Katherine is going to break free from Alaric's house somehow. Even if Klaus isn't dead I've got a hunch that she found a loophole where when Klaus compelled her somewhere in the compulsion he said "door" and that is why Katherine was breaking the window. And based on what happened last episode with Damon and Katherine I have a feeling Katherine wants to get to Damon and when Katherine/Elena is standing in the corner and saying "You made the wrong choice" I also believe it is Katherine because 1) when she is breaking the window she is wearing the same outfit and 2) She jumped out the window and Elena considering she isn't a vampire wouldn't jump out the window vampire style. And besides all of this Damon will somewhere in this episode have Katherine and Elena standing in front of him I THINK and he'll have to see which one is the real Elena or Katherine might just show up out of no where and pretend shes Elena to get to Damon and thats when Katherine says "You made the wrong choice" referring to the fact that he picked Katherine and not Elena because of his hallucinations. And my final theory is the fact that when Damon is kneeling over in the promo and the over voice of Emily is says "Its his time to die" I have another deep feeling that KAtherine put him in there so he wouldn't suffrer and if you look carefully around Damon and in the hay Damon is kneeling on their is a small fire starting so I have a feeling Katherine set it and Elena saves him. Going to be an epic episode.

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Liz supernatural?

@Luana u R right on track. My thoughts exactly Sherrif Forbes didn't want to have Matt as a liability

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Elena will remember Damon's confession !

@temem ure very right on that hand. But Elijah only theoried that the doppelganger was a supernatural creature and only theorized that the ring wouldn't work on her. So we can't be sure but very good thinking and its got me thinking too. @Whoever posted this thread you have a point too about us not even thinking about it. I didn't even think of the possibility of it before u mentioned it. I was like OMG I compeltely forgot about tha tpart of the equation. I wonder if Damon realized that Elena will remember. But Im still bettting on the fact that Elena remembers. and even if shes not a supernatural creature Stefan already told her so even if she didn't know before she knows now....

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Theory why Klaus cann't break.

@Halde you can't always be so sure. But I have a very big instinct that Elena will not become a vampire considering the fact that in the pictures of episode 22 Elena is supporting Damon so he can walk. If she was a vampire she wouldn't have to be using so much energy therefore I don't think the vampire thing will happen next episode. As for the whole ritual thing not working out. It could be possible but like @Luana said the blood didn't mix with Elena's directly just went through her system. But your right it could still have an effect on the ritual.

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Salvatore Significance

@Jackiee and whoever mentioned that the originals could be linked to the Salvatore brothers some way. All the vampires in the history of vampires are related to the originals. In one way or another. As far as we know vampires (including originals from what we know from them so far) cannot procreate therefore the descending must have started by the traditional way of making vampires and it just went down the line. But it could be possible that the Salvatore brothers have something more tot heir name. And I only read a little bit of the books but on the TV show they are following the italian bloodline thing. Back in Season1 Stefan mentioned it to Elena but it was before he told her about him being a vampire so I don't know if he was telling the truth. Considering both of them know how to cook, Im guessing their both italian in the series too. :P

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Someone post a website where i can watch "The Last Day"

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damon's bite.

Everything you pretty much said is accurate and makes sense to me. It probably has to be a fully transitioned werewolf like when Rose was bitten by Jules. And looks like Klaus doesn't make the same mistake twice. But if he loses the doppelganger their is no back-up plan for her. So that would be a HUGE issue. But right now Im in shock from what has happened. Things aren't looking good in Mystic Falls.

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