Her respect?

@Luana Stefan is a jealous BF! He was a total ass when that happened. Isn't Damon already being pained already seeing the girl he loves with another day everyday? You have to rub it in and make it even worse. And respect is a big thing in a relationship so don't just think it was lame or something. And I was waiting for him to say her love to but looks like Stefan isn't as confident as we all thought he was. Well you're right whoever said that all this is going to blow up in his face one way or another eventually it will. And Stefan will have to be in Damon shoes. Im not hating on Stefan but was really pissed because of what he did and will probably never forgive him. Im seeing a whole other side to him especially when he stole Damons line and said the exact same thing Damon told him to Elijah. The poor guy was going to have a break down. And Elena is just standing their smiling at Stefan. -sigh- so sad.

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2x19 "Klaus"

@Luana not just necessairly can't breathe their just wow it looked disgusting and terrible the poor guy they malfunction or something

@Damon and Elijah thats not why Damon and Stefan stayed outside vampires can't physically come in even if they wanted to. What happened with Elijah was just a coincidence because of his death. But I have a feeling this incident might be important later on. Why else would they add so much dramatic effect to it?

@TeamDamon4ever thx for the amazing review and preety much everything u said was on spot and mirrored my thoughts exactly I did expect more from the fight scene actually. Stefan didn't even get a chance to show his strength. Although the scene with Elena Stefan and Damon when Elena wanted to go see Elijah again was certainly just as cool. And poor damon :'( He broke my heart when Stefan used his line and just stared at Stefan with such hatred the poor guy was going to cry! I don't know how Stefan did it. Looks like theres another side to Stefan. 

@Luana as for Greta I have a feeling she and Klaus have something going on together. Seems more like intimate relationship to me. This can't be good. But I have a feeling Klaus has kept a lot of the truth from her but couldn't they have found someone well prettier. :$ she just didn't really hit it for me but she wasen't bad. And No @TeamDamon4ever alaric isn't dead just temporairly fainted I saw him in the promo And Jenna the poor thing and Stefan sort of touched me too when he was listening to Elena and Jenna's convo and he was crying a bit but still not forgiving him for what he did! Next week is going to be epic. Lots of touchy feely is going down.

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2x19 The Last Day

@Luana ya I knew the guy was a man of his word but all that honor just adds to the hotness! What a gentle man lol all he wanted was an apology ?? The next episode is going to knock us off our feet for sure this was DEfenitely the best of the best episode. How do they do it I have no idea, And I have the same feeling @Luana that damon will really open her heart up 2 damon. Yeah the promo made me want 2 cry especially when damon said I can't lose u and thats before the episode even airs dude!

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'Gone With the Wind' -- Damon/Elena & Scarlett/Rhett

@Jackie your like reading my mind or something! LOL This episode was just a perfect example of love triangles and how the doppelgangers got into the way of two brothers who geniuely used to care for eachother before doppelgangers got between them. Of course Im not blaming Katherine or Elena for this but it just goes to show how ironic all of this is and the Jenna thing really brought me to tears the poor woman. She never knew what kind of world she as living in. and She was supposed 2 be the one protecting Jeremy and Elena :'( 

And I saw your thread and everything you said was on spot. :P And yeah just goes to show that Stefan has a different side to him when it comes to his brother and elena. More of a bad boy Stefan that rarely comes up. Elena doesn't seem to know this side of him too well. Only back in Season 1 and little parts of Season 2. But she doesn't know the other side to Stefan. Well we do now and as I said before I was honestly shocked by what Stefan did. I always thought he was more mature and wiser and to not to stoop to Damons level. No offense to Damon again. But I was shocked and mortified with what he did. Never expected something like that from Stefan. 

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Further major Delena spoilers for the finale!

LOL @Jackie yeah intimacy with Damon and Elena would be EPIC and would honestly make my year! LOL Anyways so yeah, and as for the werewolf thing at @Scarlet said they never said a werewolf bite couldn't harm a vampire. All we know is that a werewolf bite can't harm Klaus considering now we know hes half vampire half werewolf. And can't be killed unless using a witch who can channel enough power. Can't wait this is going to be amazing.

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The Vampire Diaries. Season 3?

LOL Yeah well I think they're still in the fall! Because when Bonnie did that witch thing with Luka and all the leaves were flying around. And maybe winter came too because I remember back in season1  where Anna and Jeremy were usually wearing hats and gloves because of the cold weather. Well I honestly have no idea what to think. It will drive you insane so don't waste your time trying to count. Why would you care in  the first place? this isn't gossip girl or 90210 where it matters which college your going to and how the series is going to continue with everyone at a different college the year after no. This is a supernatural show where none of that is even relevant!

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As I Lay Dying Synposis.

LOL Actually if your counting the sort of fake flashback it was in episode 4 I think season 2 when Katherine was messing with Stefans head in bed. But I can't be sure if that one counts. I can't wait this is defenitely going to be a hard day for Damon. Wonder what Damon could be begging forgiveness from Elena for? One things for sure this is going to  be epic.

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Kevin Williamson on next season

Yes same here @Jackie Elijah has defenitely been a great asset to this show and much needed action vampire too. Wow. Hes still better than Klaus then may opinion but we've barely known Klaus so that might change over time. You never know. Can't Wait for next episode! Wonder what'll happen to Elijah.

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Shooting 2x21 Everybody's in black clothes!!!

Well ya if you do it that way by eliminating certain people you might get somewhere but everyone knows its not really relevant to this kind of show. With this show anything is possible.

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Damon surely must be be gonna get bit in season finale?!

@TJeff my thoughts exactly. Your mirroring them. An episode that important and with a minor character like that it happened for a reason to show how fatal it was. It couldn't have been just a reason to get ride of Rose. That would have been lame. And when vampire diaries says "dead" it doesn't always mean dead! I think we've come to know that by now. Anything is possible with this show. A third bite Im not sure off but a second one is around the corner and Im preety positive of it to. As Julie Plec said this full moon will be a bad one with many consequences.

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