If the Prince ...[spoiler contained!]

Again, the clusterfuck started when Bart died 

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No pity for the Hippie!

I want hot Damien to be a series regular.

Pleeeeaaasseeeeeee more hotness

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i dont see why people dont like stefan !

because he's boring lol it's like angel when he has a soul

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Caroline compelling Matt

is matt still human, I'm confused lol

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Chair vs Nair

I thought we've over this phase, but I would to see NAIR again it made Chuck fight for Blair. 

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Things that I think could be revealed..... (Spoilers)

maybe it's Bart's secret society story arc that got dropped

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What's everyone's OTPs?














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Big Secret Brewing for Seasons?

Serena got pregnant by Nate and then gave the child to adoption. Since these two aren't very intelligent, the child got mentally defective but is very good looking.

Best speculation ever!!! FTW!!

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the vampire diaries may be cancelled!

What the fuck, the storylines had been so epic is CW that stupid. Not to be biased TVD has better ratings than GG

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