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‎2x17 SPOILERS:Glee is looking for a ‘Nerdy African-American Kid” for an upcoming scene.This is the first in a 6 episode arc that will lead to the confrontation at Nationals. Sue (after losing Regionals) is determined to make sure that New Directions loses at Nationals. To do this, she begins to enlist what producers have currently called the Legion of Doom in order to giveVocal Adrenaline the edge at Nationals. So far, confirmed members include Dustin Goolsby (Cheyenne Jackson),Terri Delmonico (Jessalyn Gilsig) and Sandy Ryerson (Stephen Tobolowsky). April Rhodes (Kristin Chenoweth) and Sunshine Corazon (Charice) will return during this 6 episode arc and Holly Holiday (Gwyneth Paltrow) will be making her third appearance during this arc.Kurt will return to New Directions and William McKinley High School and Blaine will supposedly join him. Blaine and Kurt may join New Directions before the Nationals arc begins, meaning they’ll either join at the end of the previous episode or sometime during this episode.Since Kurt and Blaine will be at McKinley now, It’s possible that this is the Karofsky centric episode that will also feature Born This Way because they are more likely to interact now that all three of them are at the same school.Chord Overstreet filmed a scene and then went to record a song.Jessalyn Gilsig (Terri) was on set filming scenes.Stephen Tobolowsky (Sandy) confirmed that he’s back on Glee.Cheyenne Jackson (Dustin) tweeted about Jane Lynch, most likely he’s started filming.Holly Holiday is back, this is her third appearance.Amber Riley (Mercedes) tweeted that she has recorded a song. Source and she said she is filming a “very big scene”Despite rumours, Jesse is apparently not returning this episode as he’s not filming in this episode.Various SYTYCD members that were part of Aural Intensity have been tweeting about filming a Glee scene with a song. With work on Original Song completed, its assumed the students transferred to Carmel High and Vocal Adrenaline as part of Sue’s plot.Kurt’s personality will turn 180 degrees. He will become stronger and eventually will confront Dave. Kurt will now have a crush on Sam.Rachel will have another diva attack and leave the choir for a few days and in matters of love, she will have an affair with another member of the Glee Club which is neither Finn nor Puck.Sue will return to her old routine of tormenting Will, but take a few days vacation to relax. Rumor has it she could find love with someone new.Artie will be on the line in the glee club and will have to enter a competition with Puck to see who stays and who goes. Will he achieve it?Emma is found at a crossroads and could deceive her husband for Will. SourceWill has a torrid affair with the sexual education teacher.

Kurt will now have a crush on Sam. Artie will be on the line in the glee club and will have to enter a competition with Puck to see who stays and who goes.I DON'T KNOW WHETHER TO CRY OR PUNCH SOMEONE
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Uhm, I'm sorry, but the whole Kurt/Sam things is total bullshit. I mean, haven't we been there before? I'm 100% sure Kurt/Sam is not going to happen. Klaine all the way.

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It better. Kurt/Sam will never work, obvi. It would just be super awkward.Ryan Murphy's put out total bullshit spoilers before, so I'm really hoping this is one of them.

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Exactly! Kurt/Sam would be so awful! But they've building up for Klaine for about 8/9 episodes right now, so this season is all about Klaine. I'm 100% sure of that. But what about the Artie/Puck storyline?? I don't wany any of them to leave!

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As much as I love Kum, this doesn't sound legit. It's pretty much confirmed Sam is straight, and I'm sure Kurt learned not to crush on straight dudes. I can't really see RM making Sam bi either :/ And so many Klaine fans are gonna flip a shit if they don't happen, so I doubt RM would split them apart.

The rest sounds pretty good, tho.

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haha yes, I would definitely be one of those Klaine fans flipping shit. Idk, I mean Kurt did like Sam before, and I'm just really hoping that wasn't foreshadowing. Though I doubt RM would actually put that much thought into the storyline...Artie/Puck I heard about a reallllllly long time ago, but when nothing happened I figured it was just a rumor! Honestly I would rather have Finn leave than either of them... but that's never going to happen so. :/ 

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Spoiler says the episode after Regionals Original Song is Night of Neglect Possibly The Prom episode where Quinn wants to be Prom Queen badly.  Rachel sings How by Lisa Loeb.  It's beautiful.  Jesse comes back in episode 18 the next after this one.  Rachel is neglected for some reason he comes back to help.  After what he did last yr why?  Is he one of the Legion of Doom set up by Sue to derail ND before Nationals?

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I read a spoiler on gleewiki that states that the original song is the episode where quinn thinks about being the prom queen.  She gets the idea from her mom who tells her that she was prom queen but there is nothing about them having a prom in it.

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oh come on it's a TF no need to be sooo involved with characters relationships.


Buuuttt as a fan... Kum?Not so much of a surprise... in first season Kurt fell for Phinn. 

And in that case it was quite clear, since the first episode,that the Furt couple would never have a chance...


In second season suddendly it appears Sam, a really sexy blonde quaterback who from the first time was in the radar of Kurt.


Also he was the first one to defend Kurt from the Karofsky's bulliing.


Then there was all the story with Quinn. So romantic. 


And then Blaine enter the scene. But, as we saw in the valentine day's episode, he want just friendship. Also in Sexy he talk to Kurt's father with clear intentions. It was obvius that he wasn't interested on having sex or being in a relantionship with Kurt.


So what's the situation after Sexy?


Santana love, and really deep, Brittany. Probably she just played with Sam (who won't like to play with such a man? :D ). Phin is dating Quinn on more serious, maybe, way. Blaine seem's to care for Kurt but non romantically involved. And all the 8/9 episodes on the Klaine were just the Kurt point of view.

That of a gay teenager that for the first times find some one like him, some one handsome, is not so strange.

So as far as i can see all the pieces are ready for the cliffhanger. 

I? I really would love to see Sam and Kurt. Kurt deserve someone tender as Sam (i never saw as possible the couple Blaine-Kurt) .


But these are hypotheses. I will wait the development of the series. And i'll watch every single episode till the last one :)

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I love both Puck and Artie! Why does one of them have to leave? Are the writers on crack? Like, Lauren is okay, but I think she should leave, not someone who's been in it from the beginning... I kind of had an heart attack, I hope the spoiler isn't true!

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