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is she autistic? she had a few symptoms that show it. i read online somewhere that someone thought that too. then again i could be wrong. 

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Yeah I doubt it. She's had problems making friends, and she's narcissistic, and she pours out her emotions a lot. But I those aren't the identifiers of ASD.

If she was, she would be very high-functioning, it's kind of amazing how much progress that would have taken; most people with autism never reaches her level of fucntionality.

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Interesting, this is the first time I have heard this speculation....hmmm...I'm not sure, but that is an interesting thought!

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see i have autism myself but i'm on a level like mid-severe. i was thinking rachel was like mid-severe. i mean ppl with autism usually talks about the same thing over and over. she talks about Barbara Streinsand [<-----is that how you spell it?] in almost every episode. 

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haha yeah she does, though Barbara is pretty much her idol and the person she models herself after so maybe she's just really pationate about that

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I don't know, and I don't think so. But then again, you never know what the writers are gonna do next...

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she's too high-functioning for that.

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