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Bartie's cute on a surface level, but they have little depth. And Artie perpetrated her belief in Santa Claus, treated her like a child (magic comb) and indirectly called her stupid ("She was the only one we could find on such short notice") until directly calling her stupid when he was upset. And Brittany cheated. Not to mention the first (and only) "I love you" in their relationship was when Artie threw dollar bills at a drunk-stripping Brittany. Still, on the surface they were cute, with the PTY serenade and such, but they have very little depth as a couple.

But Brittana's the only couple on this show that (indirectly) have been referred to as soulmates.


I find as though he treats Brittany as a child :/ as well the only songs he has sung to her dealt with her physical appearance PYT/Isn't she Lovely as oppose to Santana's which dealt with her emotional feelings towards Brittany (Landslide/Songbird) and yeah I felt so bad when he said "she was the the only one we could find on such short notice" and when he dierectly called her stupid I almost cried :( Poor Britt! So glad that she chose not to go with him to Prom :) Even if she did dance with him at the end and pose for a picture with him...oh well I have no worries about Bartie because.....BRITTANA IS ON!
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Glee Quotes

Beiste: Dr. Jones said the new end of world date is September 27, 2014
Brittany: That gives us like two whole years of giving love and brutal honesty to everyone we know.

Will: I hate to say it but I think as long as you keep being yourself, your life is probably going to be a constant string of 'don't belongs'.
Unique: I know. I should probably start getting used to it.
Will: No, no. You should never get used to it. All great changes come from people who refused to get used to what was accepted but wasn't right. Slavery, gay rights, New Coke.

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