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I would love for us to see how beth is doing at the end of the season or for glee to give beth a birthday party that includes the whole glee club.  This would give Puck and Quinn a chance to see how their daughter is doing.  I heard on one of the spoilers that Quinn will be effected by the death of someone close to her and if this is true it might be Shelby.  I think it would be interesting to see Puck and Quinn raising Beth.  Their roles in Glee would definitely change from badass and miss popularity to teen parents.  

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i have to disagree. The whole light of this show, is just being teenagers in HS. If the baby does come along, then we won't see the normal Glee club. Quinn will be too preoccupied with raising a baby, and it will sort of ruin the show, for me at least. I know, once you have a child, it is your responsibility to take care of it, even if you're a teen--ofcoarse! but, Quinn did decide to give the baby up for adoption, which realistically means that the child is not hers anymore. So, if Shelby does die-- they will give it to the god parent or who every responsible along with Shelby. Does this make sense?


Anyways, I don't want Quinn to be the care taker of the child, because then Glee wont be as fun anymore. It will just make things way to serious. It's a comedy, not a drama. Plus, even if they both have a child together, I don't like seeing Puck with Quinn.

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Highly doubt Shelby will die , why bring Idina back just for her to die ? Makes no sense . And I do , however , want Beth to return to the show . At least to see how the baby has grown and see how Quinn and Puck react to holding their baby and seeing her again for the second time .

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I think it would be awsome to see her, even a small glimpse, maybe shelby could watch a competition at some stage and bring beth with her. just a small part in an episode would be cool. especially to see quinn and pucks reactions, and theyve growen up so much and matured so i think it would make for an interesting episode

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I think Quinn was so traumatized by giving up Beth causing her to go thru a mental issue that changed her personality in s2.  She was meek and broken most of s2 almost in an alternate world.  Never showing any emotions which altered her personality.  Rather see her agressive spunky and snarky.  Just seeing the promo of her in punk hair with goth clothing makes me feel she can't see the real Quinn anymore without help.  She is lost in a great depression.  She needs to come to terms with giving up Beth and that includes Puck.  Comes to terms with losing Finn for good.  And come to terms with her father's abandoning her.  Hope seeking out these deep rooted emotions will bring her back to herself again.  And be a better person in the long run.  These kind of storylines are dark and dramatic and will be good for Dianna to convey.  Will be interesting to see s3 how this plays out.  Maybe Quinn won't be raising Beth but I hope she evolves from her deep depression from the emptiness she feels for giving her up.  I know it's deep but so is the subject.  Dianna can pull it off.

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I think Quinn is still over the fact that she doesn't have anyone to love her; hence her punk-like appearance at the start of S3.... Shes trying to show she doesnt care anymore altho she prob does...

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At the end of S1 I thought Quinn would be upset or depressed over giving Beth away....

But in S2 we were shown nothing to suggest that... I mean she wanted the 2nd season (the new year) to be a 'fresh start' for her.... a time for her to rise back to her old position... where she could just go back to where she was b4 her pregnancy...

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 I want an independent head cheerleader Quinn. She just needs to be more independent. And after she finds herself a little more, I want another Quick baby. Obviously.

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^Yeah ITA

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Quinn needs to find herself first b4 getting into another relationship (esp. w/ Puck)

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