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Did anyone else see the very end of the preview... Blaine and Rachel kiss (that was rachel wasnt it?), and then Kurt looks like he is in physical pain! What do you guys think about that? Will Blaine and Rachel get together.. i know Blaine is gay but...maybe he is bi? And how will it effect Kurt and Rachel's relationship.


Personally, i hope that Kurt comes back to McKinley... and brings Blaine with him :)

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I don't want him with Rachel. Blaine and Kurt would be the perfect couple.

When Blaine and Rachel are come together it would be awful!!! That sucks!!!

What the hell should that be?

I don't see the appreciation in this


Sorry when there are spelling mistakes I'm come from Germany

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Ryan Murphy has said that "blaine is gay", he just questiones his sexuality after a drunken kiss with Rachel.

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This is why I can't stand Rachel. It's always about her...she never thinks before she acts.  Yes she is supposedly "drunk" when she kisses Blaine (and it's prob a dare right?) but she still knows how Kurt feels about him.  I understand she's the main character blah blah blah but it is so difficult to like her...I pity her.  When she doesn't get what she wants or someone hurts her (not intentionally like Finn) she immediately plots for revenge.  She purposely and with all intention made out and sang with Puck becuase she knew it would hurt Finn...who does that?  Rachel! A self-righteous egotistical bitch that's who! Finn never meant to hurt her, that was not his intention...but she did however mean to hurt him which I think is even worse!  How does she expect people to genuinely like her?? She's the least likeable character in the series.  Poor Kurt, with friends like Rachel who the hell needs enemies??!!

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oh, and even if Blaine is gay I am pretty sure it will still hurt Kurt.  IMO it would hurt anyone to see the person you like kiss someone else infront of you right/??

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Yupi, I respect your opinion, but just realize when you state yours, i'm going to counter with mine.

Why do you hate Rachel so much? Yes her character has some selfishness but PLEASE. If you were 16 and drunk I HIGHLY doubt you're going to think before you act. SERIOUSLY, Rachel's one of the highly "good girls" i doubt she even knew or "PRE-PLANNED" and had a back up plan for getting drunk. 

When you're drunk, even though you know somebody likes blahblah, things slip your mind. Of course i'm saying they're not innocent but come on, that's why we have so many girl fights in reality, THIS SHIT HAPPENS. :/


I pity you because I think you're confused. It's like your saying you don't like a character so; "it's so hard to like her." What you're really trying to say is " I find it hard to like her." There are more than 50 000 Rachel Barry fans so... good luck that whole "it's so hard to like her" ship.

Also i think you need to check with some of your facts.

First of all, almost ALL the characters (exceptional for some) plan a revenge of some act after something terrible happens to them.

Secondly, she sings with Puck because she wants to make him jealous. Obviously based on the previous comments,

A. you have never been drunk and don't understand you don't have much control, and

B. You haven't dated, or have been in a serious relationship.

When you're in a real relationship, and then things get ended badly and you're still in love with a guy, you do stupid things and the list goes on. Hello? Are you trying to make Fin seem like a INNOCENT GUY? Are you kidding me..?That guy is turning into such a cocky jerk i hate him. 

He gives lectures on Glee about how girls are terrible when they cheat on him but hell, he's trying to steal Quinn from Sam.. who the hell does THAT? What a fucking hypocrite.


You can't label Rachel a self-righteous egotistical bitch when her character is changing and slowly has those moments where she does in fact try to help people. This is what we call a dynmaic changing character for christ sake. If you wanto label her, label everyone in glee because i can sure as say Finn is a fucked up hypocritic assshole. 

Ok look, if you're trying to convince me Fin didn't try to hurt her by SLEEPING with Santana and succeeding but Rachel did when she was going through an emotional breakdown you're honostly failing hardcore.


I can understand if you wrote " I THINK she's the least likeable character in the series." but if you just state it out there obnoxiously without the slight understanding you are only free to say you're own opinion and not state a fact that is false.   

She is one of the most intresting characters on the show,

her voice is incredible ( not saying the others aren't as well),her character is REALISTIC,  her character is growing as the series continues, AND I for one am MUCH MUCH MUCH MORE glad to see a strong, beautifull ,independent girl on TV for a role model, even if said so means some selfishness, than depressing girls who have no self-confidence and talk about how terrible they are.

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Angel Black

I mean the episode looks good and really funny.  But I have to agree with some of you.  Rachel is not a very good friend to Kurt,  Even if it's a game and they're all drunk she didn't need to kiss Blaine that long.  I do believe that Kurt was hurt on some level even though he was trying not to show.   I know if I was Kurt place it would hurt me.  I don't think I could be in the same room with Rachel (the slit)

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As well as that, please don't worry.

We all know Finchell (Fin + Rachel) are endgame, meaning at the end of the series whether you like it or not they will be together. 

Also Klaine, Kurt and Blaine, will end up together.

Although these two couples might not be together right now that doesn't mean they won't end up together, because most likely they are perfect for each other.


People get drunk, thats reality.

Mistakes happen, thats reality.

You HARDLY EVER have control under the influence of alcohol, that's fricking reality.

^ That's what Glee is trying to show for christ sake on this episode, the influence of alcohol is crazy, so mistakes happen, people do terrible things, thats why you have these problems with friends in reality.


So no, Blaine and Rachel are NOT going to be together. It is said that Blaine will forever remain gay, it's his character, he will just simply question the idea of bisexuality.

The Raine kiss doesn't mean anything, people need to calm their shit. Yes you crazed kurt and blaine fans, you probably will get your happy ending, so just go on with this for the ride.

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I totally agree Yugo

these crazy blaine and Kurt fans are going crazy spamming hate at Rachel, go spaz at the writer !! idiots

she has NO CONTROL

obviously these people comment are those 9-13 year olds who don't understand what its like to be under the influence of alchohol

Hey Angel Blank , she didn't need to kiss him for that long? exxscuse me, he didnt stop it either, if you wanna get so mad and serous and say Rachel is a slut go ahead and say Blaine is a fucking slut too, cause thene you should say he isnt a good friend for leading kurt on this whole time





So dumb, i dont think i could be in a room with all these tweens and 9 year olds who don't understand problems like influence under alchohol and just blame it on the first thing they dislike, it's so immature

Please, if you haven't realized that half the things Rachel does, e.x i don't know KISS SOMEBODY WHO ISN'T HER BOYFRIEND, you'd be calling all of the FUCKING CAST "SLUTS"

Don't be so bias to one character when you cant even examine the others, otherwise don't bother, you just make yourself look dumb. 

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i hate rachel so i do NOT want her with my favorite character! KLAINE FTW!!! and the whole "its not her fault cz shes drunk" thng? im sorry but whose fault is it that she gt drunk? probably her! so it is ENTIRELY her fault whether drunk or not

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