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I am so dissappointed in the character development of Blaine.  When he was first introduced he had charisma and confidence.  He was gay but he was masculine and I could understand the attraction between him and Kurt.  My question then is why did he go so feminine?  I was so proud that there was a gay character on tv that did not portray the stereotypical homosexual.  He was confident and proud to be a man and not afraid to be gay.  Something happened along the way and it seems like he sold out.  Instead of gay being a part of him it seems like it now defines him.  Why? 


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I agree dressed in tight short red pants pant legs too high with no socks.  Almost dressed eccentric as Kurt with his own flair(bow ties and no socks).  But at Dalton he was classy and dapper( I know old sounding but true).  But look at the seasons how Rachel has been dressed season by season.  She has changed now season 3 the long aline dresses or skirts when she wore extreme minis skirts season 1.  Quinn from cheerio uniform to hats and boots w/skirts.  Brittany cheerio uniform to winter headgear and shorts.  Santana cheerio uniform to fur hat and practically a bustier.  Tina dressed as Goth to multi hair color and colored contacts.   Go figure how the wardrobe department is eccentric.

But it is Glee.  Artie, Puck and Finn have never changed their style of clothes. 

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