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The 'Britney/Brittany' episode was a little bit of a disappointment to me. I really enjoyed the Madonna episode and expected more of the same, but the fantasy sequences at the dentist came off as a lame plot device, set up for the sole purpose of doing Britney, rather than being seamlessly integrated into the story line like other artists have been. It was really fake all around. 



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 Am I the only one who thought it was incredibly inappropriate to have a 15 year old character appear three-quarters naked whilst dancing extremely provocatively, in some sequences on top of a man in his late fourties? I'm not trying to be a mean prude or anything, I'm a major Gleek and I will always love the show, but Brittany is a high school student and thus technically a child. It's one thing if someone as old as Britney Spears decides to oversexualize themselves to get male attention in the name of "art", but seriously, doesn't anyone else think that having a high school-level character act that mature crosses a line? I mean when did it become okay for our teenagers to act like that? How would anyone here feel if they had a teenage daughter act that way with a man John Stamos' age? I'm sorry, I generally love Glee, but that was just wrong. The EP would have been great if they had just sang the songs without having to do the pointless Britney music videos. But having teenagers act like adults just to pay tribute to the apparently "amazing human being" that is supposed to be Britney was poor judgment.

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i found it a HUGE disappointment

Madonna episode still managed to have actual plots and storylines start/continue on

this was out of no where


really unrealistic (seriously 4 kids go to dentist and they all have britney fantasies!?) 

and they had nothing to do with the story, only toxic did, but overall i thought like vicious critic said it was just a bucnh of randomness with no point to it just so they could do britney.

Big disappointment, it was entertaining, yes i will give it that but when we look at the facts, no just no, i expected a lot more.

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For me, there were only two scenes which I think inappropriate in Britney episode. The first scene where Santana was asking to give her an anæsthesia by the doctor played by John Stamos without any reason at all. She just wanted to feel high. The children may get another "idea" for this. The second scene was in school auditorium where all the gleek were singing Toxic. The jew student reporter whose having his "moment" was a very pervert scene. It seems Ryan Murphy who directed this Britney episode forgot that Glee is a family comedy series, where very young kids and their parents are watching the show together. The other dancing scenes were so sexy and provocative, but considering every kids can all see that in MTV, or any concerts by Rihanna, Miley, Lady Gaga, Eminem and all the rappers today, seems not important that much at all.

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