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Finn didn't want to be King.  But scary Quinn he gave in. Yes Quinn likes Finn and is her ticket to Queen and King of Prom.  She just admitted it.

She said she liked him not love in her voice-over watching Finn and Rachel talk.  But in the auditorium she showed her insecurity. She was making the comment to Rachel in her way that she was going somewhere to broadway and Quinn was resigned that she was going to be ordinary Be a real estate agent in Lima and Finn was going to take over Kurt's dad's tire shop.

ORDINARY lives.  She was showing how resigned to stay in Lima and that is why she needs to be PROM Queen becuz she knows that is all she will ever have.  She encouraged Rachel to go to her soul where Quinn's painful mean talk to her enlighten Rachel to write that beautiful song.  Finn noticed too.  Rachelhad him really listen which he hadn't done before.  He was really moved.  I saw how rejected at Regionals how Finn was so congratulatory.  Quinn's motives were noble.

The cast was wonderful.  The music was exceptional. The story was magical.

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That scene only made me feel sorry for Quinn - due to her circumstances shes getting stuck into such a basic life.. one that everyone expects her to have more or less against her will. She can see that Rachel is going places, something that she wants so badly but has given up on getting. 

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Glee Quotes

Beiste: Dr. Jones said the new end of world date is September 27, 2014
Brittany: That gives us like two whole years of giving love and brutal honesty to everyone we know.

Will: I hate to say it but I think as long as you keep being yourself, your life is probably going to be a constant string of 'don't belongs'.
Unique: I know. I should probably start getting used to it.
Will: No, no. You should never get used to it. All great changes come from people who refused to get used to what was accepted but wasn't right. Slavery, gay rights, New Coke.

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