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Im having an ongoing disagreement with some of my muso friends who claim that Rachel has a terrible voice when its not being touched up - -I however, disagree...Shes has one of the most amazing, passionate voices ive ever heard and am in total awe of her talent. Can someone shed some light on this issue - is it true that they use Auto Tune, or is it tue talent...?

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Lea Michele has an outstanding voice. Yes, they do use auto tune. This doesn't mean her voice is terrible. No one can have that good of a voice, even when being 'touched up'. But what studio album doesn't for any musician? The only time you can truly hear the mega auto-tune is for the choir parts of [New Directions] songs. But that's all for 'selling' the music, though. You need it to sound good. Like "Somebody To Love", "Anyway You Want It/Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin'", etc, you can hear the choir and its 'perfect' sound.

Here's a clip of Lea singing acapella.


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