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Since it seems most of the glee cast will probably be gone in 2012, which couples do you see as endgame?

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most people won't agree with me but i really like sam and quinn or finn and quinn (:

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The most obvious are Finn and Rachel, Will and Emma. They also have the biggest fan base(s).

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Princess Bass

Quinn and Puck! 

Emma and Will

Rachel and Finn 

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"most people won't agree with me but i really like sam and quinn or finn and quinn "

Where the hell have you been all my life? :)

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Considering its a Ryan Murphy show I'm going to say none.

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Wemma, Finchel and Quick

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@sound - lol, right on.

Even though it baffles me, I think Finchel are pretty much endgame. I don't think the writers have the guts to disappoint the crazy Finchel fans (I'm not offending anyone, it's just a fact).

I'd be really surprised if Wemma wasn't endgame. But somewhere WAY along the line. I mean, she just got married to Carl.

I don't know what to think of Quinn. I'd like to say Quick but I really don't know.

And definitely Sue/Sue :D

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@saarele- "crazy" can be used to mean offense, so maybe if you didn't want to offend anyone, don't use an offensive word. Try "large Finchel fanbase" since that would probably be closer to a fact than calling the fans "crazy" and saying that's a fan.

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and saying that's a fact* silly typo. :)

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