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no, the biggest online glee fandoms are brittana, faberry and finchel.

puckelberry, wemma and quick come in second

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Brittana Finnchel Wemma Quick Tina/mike or Tina/Artie
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"@noraaaaaa09  are you crazy Quick has nothing but chemistry.  Puck has been with Santanna, Rachel, Lauren, and Mercedes.  But Quinn is the only one he has chemistry with I don't know what you are talking about.  You need to go back and look at Season 1 and the first half of season 2 then you will see that Quick has nothing but chemistry."

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i dont think anyone will agree with me but personally i liike





and i dont like finn or rachel so i guess they could go together but ryan murphy will make everyone miserable and do wierd things to whatever he is in the mood for

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Brittana, Finchel and Wemma are most likely endgame. Klaine is a possibility, but I'm pretty sure they'd be endgame too. I'm hoping Quick is endgame, but luck has a good chance too.
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Rachel and fame becuz she is meant to be a star like Barbra Streisand.  Rachel just like her actress who creates her is a star on Broadway.  That's what someone said to me and he was right I think.

Brittana hope so

Wemma have lost interest in Emma she's been gone too long

Quick hope so

Klaine they will be

Finchel hoped in the past but don't know now

Tina and Artie

Sam and Mercedes they are good people

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quick and tike

and finnchel and wemma are probably endgame but i don't like either of them D:

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kum quick titts and tarts

also finchel and wemma but idc about them as much

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kum quick titts and tarts and finchel and wemma are endgame, though i prefer st berry and will/holly over finchel and wemma anyday

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