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SAM AND QUINN, SAM AND QUINN. When Sam gave Quinn the promise ring in the wedding episode it was sooooo cute!!!! I dont care about Wemma OR Finchell just give me some SAM AND QUINN!!!!

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I'm really confident about Finn/Rachel and Will/Emma

HOPEFULLY Puck/Quinn, though they've kind of been abandoned

Kurt/Blaine and Brittany/Santana will probably be endgame too

And I love Sam/Mercedes but I'm sure they'll randomly get abandoned somewhere down the line.

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WEMMA-I loved Will and Emma in season 1 but they have been all but been put on the back burner and have become secondary characters season 2.  To have Emma married was so out of character and Emma was lost in the wind for several episodes.  So for me my interest in WEMMA has waned to a puff of smoke.  No interest at all.

QUICK-Now Quinn and Puck Oh how this couple has been abandoned.  They belong together.  So much chemistry Loved how they looked at each other.  Hope they come back big time season 3 with baby Beth being a topic they both need to resove.  QUICK Please bring them back.  Quinn seems to be so broken and unreachable this season.  And seems to be living in a dream world that had not been achieved this yr.  The only thing that she feels she can attain to be worthy of anything for herself worth or how she sees herself worthy of being a girlfriend to any guy.  I feel Puck needed Lauren to cool his manwhore ways to show him that he needs to woo and appreciate a girl before expecting a girl to be with him.  He has changed for the better still is badass as he calls himself but he has shown he has capacity for respect for a girl.  Which Quinn is desperate for.  She was looking in the wrong place for it.  Prom Queen wouldn't give what she is looking for.  The emptiness she feels is the hole that she and Puck feel for the baby she gave away.  I hope they get to resolve this topic and to delve into Quinn's ice queen emotions which she masks behind arrogance.  I hope Quinn comes back strong and is happy this season 3.  Didn't like her bitchy ways season 1 but she was endearing season 2 while she showed her vulnerable side with Sam.  Like season 1 with Puck.  I feel the ice queen and badass king belong together.  Endgame.

BRITANNA-Now Santana and Britany I feel they will be a big plot line season 3 and they will evolve.  Glad to see them together.

Mercedes and Sam I'm loving the fact Mercedes gets a boyfriend and a good one in Sam.  He was good to Quinn when she hurt him by cheating.  He deserved much better.  Sam has a good girlfriend in Mercedes because she is loyal and true just like she is with Kurt.  I just love her character and Sam's as well.  Glad to see them together.  Hope they get some good plot lines next season to see them evolve and hope his parents finally find jobs so he is not homeless any more.

FINCHEL-My favorite couple on the show My favorite characters on the show.  So glad they are together again.  No more triangle drama anymore I hope that was boring.  Now their plot lines can be about their future and their maturity as a couple and how they interact with controversy between them with wisdom not childish actions.  Not making the other jealous.  Not avoiding each other when things rough.  They learn to communicate and listen to each other.  Finn learning to dream big.  Rachel learning one can have dreams of stardom and love to share at the same time.  They seem to be the most of all character to have grown in maturity and wisdom. Endgame.

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I hope Lauren and Puck break up next season. They r funny together but I never actually thought their relationship was serious. Puck and Quinn need to GET TOGETHER!!!

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wemma finchel and quick all the way
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