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Rachel didnt have sex with Puck or juggle him with another guy. 

How is she just as guilty


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 Haters to the left.

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 Well i'll just quit with the gif attempt. Tumblr hates me....fml.

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just the fact that quinn would bring up being King and Queen shows that shes just trying to get her old life back. not saying that she doesn't care about finn, its just that she loves herself wayy more. Ok fine we all know that both her and rachel messed around with puck. but using the excuse that she was drunk isn't vaild. If you watch that scene again, you'll see that she full well knew what she was doing, but like i said, she looks out for herself and her wants more than anyone else because she is selfish.

Fuinn fans enjoy it while it lasts, but Finchel will be back!

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@noraaaaa: I don't think Quinn was drunk when she lied to Finn for months. And I don't think she was durnkAnd I don't think she was drunk when she chose Sam over Finn because Sam was serenading her with Justin Beiber songs. And I'm pretty sure she wasn't drunk when she was in bed with fun and all she could talk about was prom and instead of replying to Finn's question with a simple no, I love you, she got all defensive about how Puck was a mistake. And when they flashbacked to the scene where she cheated, she may have been drinking, but she clearly had enough sense to realize what she was doing.

Finn and Rachel weren't dating because they want to raise their statuses. They were dating because they love each other and make each other better.

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Finn and Rachel are endgame. Nuff said.

While I agree with this, I don't want them together anytime soon since Finn is being such a dick.

Rachel is just as guilty as Quinn is, expect Quinn was drunk..

Um no.

Anyway, Emma and Quinn are so annoying lately. Their storylines are repetititive. Emma nearly almost marries someone to get over Will, then marries someone else to get over Will, the entire season she had me convinced she was really over him, then Holly pops out the question, which I'm still surprised I was surprised about.

Quinn and her need to keep her popular status whatever, I agree with the previous posts.

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RACHEL cheated on Finn ON PURPOSE; Quinn did not. Sure, she kept it a secret, because she was guilty and scared or whatever. But if PUCK hadn't stopped Rachell they would've slept together. Just because they didn't actually do it does not mean  the intent wasn't there.

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ok fine rachel cheated on purpose but quinn lied to him for sooo long. she tried to pass off that baby as his, what kind of person does that?!?

and i comepletely agree with the others above, it seems like finn and quinn want to be together because they care about their images and want to be popular. but when finn was with rachel it was because he really did love her.

I also think that finn and rachel are endgame, but i want finn to work for it, cuz hes being an ass lately... guess thats what too much quinn time can do to a person

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Are you guys tryng to say...  that puck being in quinns bed making out with her. Her whole thought process about what was going to happen and then it actually happened was by accident????????? Hmmm thats a hard one eh? What really irrks me about quinn is that when she cheats (even on sam with finn) she thinks about it FULLY. She actually talks to herself basicall convinces herself what she is doing is bad and then does it anyway. And that is a main difference between her and rachel. Because rachel was just impulsive and acted on her feelings right away w/o thinking. Whereas Quinn goes through this whole thought process.

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