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Omg I Looooooovvveeeee FUINN!!!! I absolutely hate Rachel. I hv no idea why tho haha but she's just so freaking annoying!!! Finn is such an ass. So I'm only rooting for Quinn now :)
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ugh Fuinn. I watched an ep of late season 2 on tv today. it was terrible watching Quinn cheat of poor Sam. and they got mono. sorry but not worth it lol.

although i gotta admit I shipped them in season 1. but I think it's pretty clear Quick + Finnchel are endgame.

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The writers made it pretty clear that opposites attract joined Glee.  They made big mistakes and  hurt each other but came out of it better people because  the other was in their life.  As Rachel said in s1 "Being part of something special makes you special".  The writers have shown throughout 2 seasons what a bad relationship can be.  Santana and Sam, Quinn and Sam, Santana and Finn, Rachel and Puck, Rachel and Jesse,  Puck and Santana and yes Finn and Quinn.  Will and Terri Will and Shelby Will and Holly.  As for Finn and Quinn just look at the body language in s2. . Puck has a brotherly affection for Rachel.   I feel the writers are showing what a high school senior couple who are serious in their relationship should be like.  Something all high school kids could see the difference in real sincere love vs hooking up with no feelings to regret and having consequences for having made choices in their relationships.  Now the writers have made Quinn crazy lost with no hope and Puck happy being around Beth.  It seems to me the writers are laying out the couples the way they see s3 ending graduating to go off yonder somewhere.  A spinoff or gone.  I know who my favorites are.

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Yes Tibby, Finn and Rachel are it for each other.  Finn and Quinn had their moment sophmore year that ended badly.

Rachel and Finn did things to hurt each other but all was forgiven and their love shined through.  No one knows what will happen when they graduate.   They are a happy couple as of now .  We'll see what happens as the season comes to a close.

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Fuinn had their moment s1 and s2.  Finn realized he made a mistake in going back with Quinn He loved her but not in love with her.  He knows the difference.  Here was their closer as some people want to call it.  He and Rachel did lots of bad things to each other and made it through to the other side still with feelings of love undenied. 

They are endgame.

As s3 plays out we'll see what Finn intends to do after graduation.

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