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I'm so happy Sam and Quinn broke up cuz seriously I am a huge Quinn and Finn Fan! Thanks goodness they get a second chance..Oh Plz....plz..plz..rachel and finn better be dead as a couple...she is so annoying an bossy..she doesnt deserve him..Besides Even though Quinn can act mean she still looks innocent...Yes, For Quinn and Finn!


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fuinn is shit and fubar

she is just using him for popularity

idek why this ship has fans

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I don't root for it now. In the first 13 Fuinn was made to be that couple that we weren't supposed to like. Don't like it then, don't like it now.
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the worst couple on the show in stupid, anoying rachel and finn which i don't mind also i hate sam and quinn together i don't mind sam and santana but the best couple on the show is finn and quinn i just love them together.

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i would have to disagree, i think finn and quinn make the whole glee more exicting. Recently glee has been a tad boring but the whole drama with quinn and sam and finn gave it something special. without it glee becomes a little boring because their is no drama, quinn and finn have always had something between them dont think that will ever change tbh.

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I think that quinn and finn are really cute together But based on some of the spoilers I've read it seems jealous finn is gonna come out when Jesse gets back. Futhermore when Jesse comes back I think the show is gonna get a lot more interesting
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LOL at people who excuse Quinn's cheating because she was "drunk". Um, no, she was fully aware of what she was doing. She specifically mentioned Finn to Puck before she went and slept with him. And what about her lying to Finn about being the father of the baby, forcing him to pay her medical bills, all while treating him like shit throughout their entire relationship? Rachel's cheating was wrong too, and Finn had every reason to break up with her, but atleast she had the decency to be honest with him about it (and has apologized for her actions, which Quinn has never done for anything she did).


And while I don't understand why people would ship Fuinn, I'd be pissed with the way they're being written if I did. I'd get it if they revisited their relationship in order to give them proper closure (they never really got that) but they've just regressed Quinn's character by making her a cheater/liar once again and made Finn look like a douche. Not to mention the fact that they've made her just use him to become prom queen and that Finn still has obvious feelings for Rachel even while he's with Quinn...and well, yeah..the storyline's just turned into a disaster.

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^couldnt have said it better myself!
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Fiinnn And Quinn Are Perfect For Each Other! Quinn Loves finnn of course she only slept with puck because puck got her drunk!!!! and seduced her so she really didn't know wat she was doing! Finn Obviosly loved quinn and they  eventually got back together , i dont have any negative comments to finchel because i like it too . but i do prefer Fuinn Better. Peace!

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You don't get drunk over two wine coolers though Quinn knew what she was doing when she slept with puck. She even said 'what about finn he is your best friend she didn't mention him being her boyfriend because she didn't care. She only used the excuse of being drunk because she didn't want to deal with the fact that what she did was wrong. 

I'm not saying that you shouldn't ship fuinn I just think that saying that Quinn was drunk is a really bad way to justify your argument. Seriously though the way they have done this whole fuinn sl makes both of them look really bad.

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