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Glee forum is so dead....,you're better off posting this in the GG one :) there's glee discussions there
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Yes I am way less interested now. My one request is bring back Shelby! I hate that she just left. I was actually interested in all the stuff going on with her. And now.... just no. 

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Hi, everyone.

I'm now watchining 5th season and just at that moment I'm quite upset and fill like I should write about my fillings somewhere, but I have no idea where should I write.

I'm a big fan of Glee, I love its characters, music and it even helped me to make a couple of life-important decisions. I was worried about all guys and even hoped than there, in future, will be more and more seasons 'cos I can't imagine my life without them.

Well, I used to think that way. Befor in 1st episode Blain said "people everywhere exept, like, (with a rather dismissive tone)Russia are beginning to see that it doesn't matter who you are..." and so on. And why did it hurt me? 'cos I am from Russia. And I am Klain fan. I cried when they broke up, cried with joy when they started dating again. I believe that hundreds(!) of other russian fans of that couple worried so much too. I mean, we are just people like you and we know what it means to fully accept someone for who he is without looking at religion or sexual orientation or anything else. But I'm also proud of my country, 'cos our people have principles, which are reflected in laws. I don't know, who is right and who is not, time will show. But I'm sure that we still deserve some respect. I've always thought that was the thing Glee tried to teach everybody. And now I feel like I was kind of betrayed.

Thanks for reading this cry of the soul, anyway.

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