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how do you think glee did covering this song?

personally i think it's really good lol

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better then the original. i can't wait till tonight

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I really like it! Huge improvement from the original !!it doesn't make me want to cut off my ears
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I thought the performance was really good lol

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Anything sung by Mark Salling turns to gold :)

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Puck and Sam did a fantastic job on the song.  But Artie and his rap sold the song.   I actually listened to it about 10 times and I could only stomach the one time I heard the original.

Not my favorite glee song of all time but its going on my ipad for sure.

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that song iz totally mah jam guise~~~~

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Gotta get down on fried eggs

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Well, i still think it's a bad cover. It's like re-cooking a bad food, hey it's still technically bad food.


But the cover definitely is better than the original.

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