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That's right, I said it. 

The only reason we're expected to feel sympathy for Rachel is because she's 'not pretty'. And I'm sorry, but no matter how many times that gorgeous actress claims she's 'ugly' - no one's buying it. 

Quinn is only acceptable because she apparently used to be fat and ugly. 

We're expected to believe that the only girl Puck has ever showed any respect to...looks like the back end of a bus. And we're expected to understand that - because, hey, it's not his fault if he can't stick to one pretty girl. They shouldn't be so pretty, should they? 

Mercedes is stunning - but that's clearly not acceptable, so it's better that she's labeled the fat one, and degraded with storylines about tater tots and losing weight (with crash diets that last...um, a day? Because god forbid someone should want to try and improve their body. That's just wrong). 

Tina's only acceptable because they can dress her up in Goth clothes or label her an 'Asian'. Though we're expected to agree with Artie that her not having a stutter is a complete crime. And the idea that she might have been shy before is just unacceptable...because, what, she's pretty?   

The beautiful Santana's not allowed to be confident in her sexuality - no, she has to be overcompensating for something. Don't get me wrong, I love Britanna. And I genuinely believe Santana loves Brittany. But 'the school slut is gay' storyline? And pairing her up with Karofsky? Insulting. 

Brittany is only acceptable as pretty because she's stupid and fits the 'dumb blonde' stereotype. 

Anyone else think the writers are just a group of...bitter guys? 


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I really don't understand the point of this?

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I don't either.
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i get you. someone cant just be pretty.

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Well Glee is all about self-acceptance and celebrating the difference in you and all that stuff etc. etc.

Maybe the girls who are considered less pretty are given more meaningful storylines so that..... the audience feels better about themselves if they aren't good looking? That its ok to be different? idk...

I don't think Glee hates pretty girls... All of the girls in Glee are pretty altho only a couple are actually considered goodlooking on glee (e.g. Quinn, Santana, Brittany, etc.)

But we see them evolving THROUGH difficult experiences.....  Quinn grew stronger and more likable and more developed in terms of character and maturity as a person thru her pregnancy..... She has had  some good relationships that have lasted quite a while with Puck, Finn, Sam, etc.

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This was sort of retarded. JS.


Kurt is the prettiest person in the world and the writers love him <3



and puck likes lauren because she didnt skank it up with him.


Maybe pretty girls should stop being so damn easy?

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