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If kurt and Blaine leave glee is going to go down in ratings they need to do a spinoff with kurt Blaine Rachel fin and they other characters that are leaving
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i'd watch that!

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There should be a spinoff with Klaine,Finchel and Brittana go to New York. I'd watch that.

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^Yep devo... it will b so weird in S4 without those characters!

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It just won't be the same without those three characters on Glee.  They are the reason I watch it.  I love Santana as well.  Hope she and Puck will come visit them in New York.  Then this will be my Glee show for as long as it will be televised.

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It won't be Glee to me without those three characters Rachel Kurt and Finn.  They are the reason I watch the show.  I love Santana as well.  I do hope that Santana and Puck go to visit them in New York.  That would complete my dream of Glee characters for a show.  This would  be my new Glee show to watch as long as it would be televised.  Then Blaine could be in the mix when he graduates.  I'm sure the new cast members would be great but I'm sold to my hearts content on these five characters to consume my interest for years to come. 

I have loved the show Glee since it aired two years ago.  And if they do what they did at the start of Glee the magic charm what ever the spell it was that the fans came in droves to see.  It will be as a success as the original cast members.

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i am dreading the 4th season of Glee.

and why isn't Puck graduating if Finn and Rachel are? Mark Salling's like..28. 

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from what I hear they're all graduating, except Sam and maybe Brittany.

Just, no tho. I'm not gonna believe anything trollmurphs says until I see it on the show.


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oh, really? that'd make more sense.

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I'm afraid season 4 is going to have to prove itself just like episode 1 and 2 of season 1.  I feel most of the cast will graduate at the end of s3.  Britany was mentioned by Murphy she might stay(fail).  Chord has declined to be a part of the show as a guest.  So it seems the show will be all new except for Mr Shue and Sue and of course Miss Pillsbury.

At the COM-CAST interviews Falchuk said that they weren't leaving the show because of graduating after season3.  So it might mean the cast would have come to the end of their contracts and the leads have decided to move on.  But may return for guest spots on future episodes.  This might apply to all who decide to not return or exrend their contract if offered to them.

We have to be realistic that when contracts are up some actors choose to move on to other ventures because for one they all worked their butts off the past two seasons.  They're probably tired and want a break from the long grueling hours of rehearsal, recording songs, and filming the actual scenes that seemed to go into the wee hours of the night.

I for one am glad to say that I watched every episode and enjoyed most of them from the pilot to the finale season2.  I'm still on the fence if I'll be watching season 4.  I'm hoping for a spin off in New York with Rachel Finn and Kurt.  Blaine of course when he graduates whenever that is.  Santana is my next favorite.  I hope she goes to Tribecka and becomes a real part of this show.  Puck and his bad assness would be there too.  This would make me soooooooo happy.  Please make this happen.  New York here we come!!!!!!!!

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