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I would love to change their lack of continuity. It's ridiculous!

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So..I just noticed I said parenthesis instead of quotation marks.  IDK what's wrong with me.



And really, Jonathan Groff. You really need to go there??? He makes women go crazy doesn't he? Somebody already said they'll try a strap on for him, and I mentioned I would take it from behind for him...

Oh the insanity......


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i would change the pregnancy storyline. i didnt like that aspect of the show
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What I would like to change is the whole Rachel mom adopts Quinn/Puck's baby SL.  The idea that she gets to start over with a new baby girl when she has a daughter who desperately wants to have a relationship with her, is disturbing IMO.

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Brittany! I love her! And I love how the writers have given her some fantastic lines. I'm waiting for them to develop her even more, and give her some credit to balance out the dumb-blond cartoonish aspect of her character. Heather Morris is a fantastic dancer, so they could give her some respect there. And Brittany was the person who "introduced" Becky and gave her respect as a person, so it shows the good-natured and well-meaning aspects of the character as well. Definitely looking forward to a Brittany-centric episode in Season 2, just wish it could have happened sooner.
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I'm lazy so, I'll just copy/paste what I said recently on gleeforum. Also this is gonna be a wall of text...tldr yeah sorry.

There's just 2 things I hated from the Writers. The first would be:

Finn learning his "lesson" in Theatricality and apologizing, while they made it seem like Kurt did nothing wrong. It was as if they were saying it's okay to be manipulative and selfish, becaise you're gay. He got a free pass and it totally blew me off. I pretty much disliked half the episode for that. And that house is too big for me to believe there wasn't extra rooms.

And secondly, Mercedes telling Puck to stay away from Quinn when he WAS the dad, and everyone willing to hide it from Finn. What kind of friends are that? Even if they did it so he can stay in Sectionals (which Im not even sure if that was the reason) I found it so selfish, and I literally hated Mercedes for that, even if she was trying to protect Quinn or whatever.

I know they all like Finn but I found that pretty assholish for friends, being a dad is a huge thing and they were willing to let him go through with it.

And well, I know Jayma was busy with Smurfs or whatever but the Wilma reunion could have been better.


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