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I'm sure everyone saw that look between Sam and Santana at the end of "Silly Love Songs"....please don't forshadow that they are going to get together....Sam is adorable and Santana is a bitch....the last thing we need is Santana corrupting Sam...she would just sleep with him then blow him off....no Sam-tana

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I like the idea of Sam and Santana. They could be cute. At least they are better than Sam and Quinn.

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First of all, Santana is a BAMF.

Second of all, I'm actually really intriged by the idea of Sam-tana. I think they could be cute. (and I'm saying this as a harcore Brittana shipper) And seriously, Quam was getting a little boring. Sam could use someone who'll make things interesting, ans Santana needs someone to humanize her character more.

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Just no. Just....ugh.

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ugh. I saw the look. I'm not sure about this pairing tho. I dont really like santana and sam is a sweety. I really like quinn and sam together, but i do admit it is a little boring.

Although, i might enjoy sam and santana together to shake things up a bit. Might be nice to see quinn not with someone... and it would be nice to see another side of santana, but i wouldn't want santana to be a **tch to sam

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i would like to see quinn flying solo for a time where there wasn't a guy falling all over his face for her...yeah she was single for the second half of season 1 after finn found out beth wasn't his but you still had finn liking her and puck liking her...i'm just tired of her being the it girl that everyone wants her....quam was cute at the beginning with the astronomy room then but i agree it has gotten a little stale


i agree santana is a bamf...but she is a bitch too....i told my mom that santana needs a come to Jesus episode (she should have gotten the grilled chesus or something)...

i do agree it would shake things up...but i really can't see them samtana together....it just seems wrong to me....if santana is going to get a significant other i think it needs to be someone that is more hardcore than her....a sudo-puck but more of a bamf (if thats possible) someone that will keep it interesting not someone who is romantic and sweet to girls...she needs an ass hole...

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I'm not even touching that relationship.

Just no. Okay. Just no.

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it sounds ... odd.

but i just want to get sam away from quinn


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