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lol corny topic name. But I couldnt get the song out of my head when I thought of posting this.


Okay, so the last episode 'Sexy' was all around amazing (like most episodes of Glee). I do however have one major issue.

Quinn and Finn doing the deed out of nowhere. See, I have issues with this pairing anyway (not to mention Quinn in general), but am I the only one who thought this was just a little bit rushed. I mean, their whole reuniting storyline has been incredebly forced.

The kiss at the end of the superbowl came out of NOWHERE, and the whole 'sneaking around behind Sams back' was completely out of character for Finn; and left him looking like a douchebag.

Now, days after Quinn is supposedly mooning over Sam at Rachels party, She is supposedly jumping into bed with Finn and saying that they are meant to be together?

You can argue (and I do) that Quinn is using Finn to regain her popularity and repulation. Fine, so her motive for jumping into that relationship make sense. Jumping into bed however, not so much.

Quinn wasnt sleeping with Sam because, after having Beth she didnt want to face the risks again. Yeah, guess that got thrown out the window.

Or what about that fact that she "Wasnt going to get back involved with him until he figured out his feelings for rachel", which he obviously still hasnt done.

I suppose you can argue that she was desperate for something to get him into her again (pun not intended), but it still seems a bit forced to me.

Now there is no argument for Finn here. He was hurt that she chose Sam over him (who wouldnt be angry after getting dumped for Justin Beiber?) and that she had juggled the two of them before making her decision. Sort of like she did last year with him and puck? I mean this chick CHEATED ON HIM, PUT OUT FOR HIS BEST FRIEND  WHILE IN A CELEBATE RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM,GOT PREGNANT BY HIS BEST FRIEND AND TRIED TO PIN THE BABY ON HIM, KISSED HIM OUT OF NOWHERE WHILE IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH ONE OF HIS FRIENDS, JUGGLED THEM FOR A WEEK, DUMPED HIM ON HIS ASS FOR A GUY WHO DANCES AROUND IN A PURPLE HOODIE.

Those are the facts. We all know that, adorable as he is, Finn is not the sharpest crayon in the box...but come on! He should be running away from this crazy bitch so fast she doesnt have time to blink those bambi like eyes of hers.

Nobody is that stupid, not even the guy who believed that he got his girlfriend pregnant by "arriving early" in a hot tub.

I cant be the only person who sees issue with this.


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Yeah these two getting back together is a bit rushed. Above all after Quinn said that they should figure out their relationships with Sam and Rachel. Finn haven't done anything to be cleared about his feelings for Rachel and Quinn was dumped by Sam, totally hurt at first and then jumping on Finn ??? But I actually like these two together so I'm glad they're doing Fuinn again. 

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did they actually sleep together though?

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I don't think that Finn and Quinn slept together.  I think they had a hot makeout session that resulted in Quinn getting a hickey because when we saw the scene they both had on their clothes and were just laying in the bed.  I really thought that Finn and Quinn would stop sneaking around and Finn would go to Rachel.  Quinn would eventually find her way back to Puck and Puck would break up with Lauren or vice-versa. 

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@Ittasteslikepink  For one love your name it's great.  Agree with everything about what you've said about Quinn.  But don't think they did the deed yet the word is yet.  That's where she goes to church then meet up with Finn to cheat.  There are people on other forums who feel they will have sex soon maybe at prom.  That's where they will find out they they don't feel what they thought they felt.  For Finn it will be like it was with Santana and same for Quinn.  That is where she realizes that her love for Finn was not real just need.  Maybe her love is for Sam.  This will be their eye openers about themselves.  I for 1 will be glad Rachel is on her own.  She's better alone.  But the writers will probably put her with Groff or someone whom she'll use to make Finn jealous.  Tired story.  Maybe this will be the cliff hanger for next season.  But I bet for Nationals the lead vocals will be Blaine and Rachel.  Also tidbit Spoiler says there will be hiatus til April 12 after Original Song is aired.

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Also spoiler says Quinn is preggers with Finn's baby that was on Tumblr.  Who knows if those things are true or not.  She's been there done that surely she won't go there again.  Especially after Sexy episode.  Finn did say he was always doubtful about his being the father last season  maybe his crayon brain is not so thick.  He seems to be taking it slow with Quinn for a reason.  It's supposed to be secret for now.  Wonder who's choice that is?  We'll find out in Original Song how it goes.  I for 1 hope he takes it slow and thinks about what he's getting into.  It'll be the 1st time he's done that.

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I don't think they had sex!?

Anyways, Yes..maybe it was rushed, and random. But, this is Glee--we should all be used to it by now. THings happen randomly, and come out of no where! Did anyone else see the kiss coming? NO. And sometimes, making it super unrealistic, they do not correlate the episodes together. Like, something might happen in one epi, and in the next..it's totally ignored. Like, when Quinn was into Finn again--and then in the JB episode..she wasn't into him anymore? Ryan Murphy likes to play games with us, and its fine. But for once, I want a SERIOUS relationship. Where no one cheats, and it is SERIOUS. So, now that "fuinn" are back, I hope it is taken seriously. I don't think Quinn is with him to regain popularity. I believe she loves him. And maybe, yes she wants to go back to her old self too? Maybe she was more comfortable and happier then? When she was miss popular and with Finn?! There is nothing wrong with choosing what makes you happy, and I believe Finn makes her happy. There is without a doubt they both are into each other. And I am happy about that. Dianna and Cory have so much chemistry, and I would love to see more of them.

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I don't think they had sex either ....
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I like Quinn and Finn together. that's all

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They didn't have sex. And Quinn deserves someone like Puck who will appreciate her - Finn is still and always will be in love with Rachel.

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