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According to a few sites that I have been to, we are currently in the May sweeps of glee. During the last two sweeps (november and february) there were two shock kisses (nov= kurt+karofsky and feb=rachel+blaine) What does everyone think will happen during the May sweeps? Another shock kiss? And if so between what characters?
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If there is another kiss i'm hoping it's between Santana and Brittany. But hey who knows it could be anyone.

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Glee wiki says it's a Brittana kiss :D !!! And apparently it's in tomorrow's episode! I hope that's true!! If it is I will die
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could it be that the big shock is quinn vs. rachel in the bathroom @ prom?

(if you have watched the promo for next week's episode you'll know what im talking about)

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So sad there was no kiss :( glee wiki lied but the episode was still good @jenn hmm I don't think so cause isn't the shock supposed to be a kiss ??
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