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I really miss the story lines.  It used to be "Talk, talk, talk, song, song, talk, talk, song, talk song."  Now it's "Song, song, song, talk, song, song, song, song, talk, talk, song, song, song, song, song...."  You get the picture.  The story lines have been really lacking this season.  They have some potentially great stories that get started, then they puke up all the songs.  It's a musical weekly series, I get it.  But at least musicals have a story line and a few songs.  When music fills up the majority of the show, it starts losing some of its spark because we don't get to connect to the characters like we did in the first season.  There was real passion in the early episodes and I miss that!

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There's only been a few episodes so far this season.

Give it time

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um this season has kind of been a real mess so far. The only episode i mildly enjoyed was duets. And i liked Touch a Touch a Touch a Touch a me performance in the recent episode. But their is not a really good storylines, many ooc moments for many characters ( rachel first 3 episodes.. UM WTF?) also lots of continuity errors, no fucking quick, and just random shows for ratings ( britney episode.. dont get me started)

i love glee so much, and the first 15 episodes of the first season were pure gold, each 5/5 episodes and great, but the downfall began after madonna IMO. and these 5 episodes this season so far, no just no. i really hope it gets better!

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