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Allison, how dare you..

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I still like Finn/Rachel, I just want St. Berry so bad. I love both really, but I ship St. Berry much harder. But I can even admit, they were adorable in the finale and if St. Berry got a proper end, I'd probably ship Finnchel harder. 

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I ship St. Berry and Quick the hardest, just because they're so freaking adorable together... But I also appreciate the others. Even Finnchel.... when they're not being boring :D 

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LOVE IT!!!!!

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i found these i just had to post them

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I have this as my desktop picture. I'm so glad someone found it! :D

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i can't even stomach puckleberry. like i refuse to watch any episode they even talk to each other in. THEY ARE GROSS AND I WANNA VOM. I HAVE SPOKEN.

ok well if you hate seeing them or hearing about them then dont come to this thread. SIMPLE!

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lol. I love how there are a lot of people on here hating Puckleberry so much. Check out the communities of Glee on fanfiction. It was first but FaBerry took over first so now it's second. lol
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Wow so much puckleberry hate here. Watever, still love them to bits.

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