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oh ok~ Idk why I thought that..... I think I read somewhere in an article that the glee creators were surprised by how big the puckleberry fanbase were or something....

I like Puckleberry and St. Berry more than Finchel

For me I like puckleberry as both friends/in a relationship.... I prefer them as friends but I think if they were in a relationship I would like them as long as they would b over Finn and Quinn...

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hehe st berry is one of my otps (:

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Puckleberry and St Berry and Quick are my OTPs from Glee...

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puckleberry just wouldn't work.

rachel loves finn too much to properly be with another guy.

and well i can't say anything about puck

because there used to be quick

and now


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rachel loves finn too much to properly be with another guy.

as much as i don't want to admit it, this is probably true.

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^ITA... its always been Finn.... It will always be Fin...

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I have always thought Puckleberry is adorable, but unfortunately the Rachel/Puck relationship has only ever been used as a platform for Finchel. Just like St.Berry, the writers on Glee just do not view any other guy as a serious contender for Rachels heart. She loves Finn, and thats that. No matter what.


That is the definition of End Game.

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I just love them together.  Their banter and the way he gets on her nerves just like brother and sister.  They are so lovable together.  Since they sang Need You Now as a duet love to hear more of them together.

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I think that Puckleberry was really cute and they were so cool together. Shame it lasted like 1 or 2 episodes.. :(

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