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Cant wait for Glee S3 on Sept 20th!!!

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^Check this out lol

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I cant believe that Chord Overstreet is going to be a teacher in his next show!

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Chris Colfer is hard at work back on the set of Glee for season three, but, if you ask him — which the Huffington Post did —  it’s like he never left, what with concerts, movies, and walking the catwalk.So now that he’s back, what does Chris expect for Kurt in the near future? More crying, for one.

I think Kurt just likes to cry. He's got a lot of emotion he's just going to get out. I like both. I love being funny, and I love the dramatic scenes. I think I just love emotion in general. Whatever side of the spectrum I'm on, whether happy or sad, as long as it's 100 percent pure emotion, I'm happy. I haven't gotten to do too many comedic things with Kurt recently, so I'd love to tap into that more. But he's been pretty funny so far in the first few episodes [of Season 3].

The Glee star-turned-screenwriter does have one “controversial” idea about where to take Kurt this season, though he isn’t sure show creator Ryan Murphy will come along.

There's one storyline [...] I've been trying to pitch to Ryan since mid-Season 2 last year. He kept saying, ‘Maybe Season 3, maybe Season 3.’ It is controversial but it does happen every day in school. I'm still pitching that one, and I don't want to give that one away. But it's really good. People always ask, ‘Does it involve Blaine and Kurt.’ I'm like, yes it does, but not in the way that they would think.

Anything else? “Also I'd love for Kurt to go crazy, maybe go Norma Desmond.” Fab.


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"I cant believe that Chord Overstreet is going to be a teacher in his next show!"

I'm so behind....what show?

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the middle, isnt it?

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Yeah, thanks :)

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im actually quite excited to see quinn play a bad girl.. 


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Only a few more hours until the season premiere!!!!! :)
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few ore mintues

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